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Why Baldwin and CAA split

Funny or Die Alec Baldwin Calls Dora

Rumors on the net are that this video is the reason that Alec Baldwin and his reps at CAA parted company. Reportedly Baldwin was upset by this mashup of his now famous voicemail, and requested that it be removed. The video is on the website, "Funny or Die" which is run Adam McKay and Will Farrell, who are also represented by CAA. According to the NY Post, Baldwin called and asked that CAA ask the site to take down the video, and when they refused to do so, it was over.

NY Post

ABC News: Imus Producer Angry at Firing

ABC News: Imus Producer Angry at Firing

The former producer for the Don Imus show was talking about the end of the show and his job on Hannity and Colmes. On the Fox News channel show, Bernard McGuirk called Al Sharpton, a terrorist for his role in leading the charge.

While admitting that the statements that were made by himself and Imus were wrong, he expressed that it would be dangerious to have a society where we cannot poke fun at each other. The nature of the language involved in the dialogue clearly goes beyond the level of poking fun though in my opinion.

"It seemed like he terrorized broadcast executives," he said. "It seemed like they were in a fetal position under their desks sucking their thumbs on their Blackberrys, trying to coordinate their response."

While I agree with his statements about Sharpton, it is not reasonable to say that calling someone a "ho", even if it is not a racial slur, should be a joke. He goes on to complain about crossing the line, when he did not know where the line was. This is something that comes with freedom of speech, in a controlled environment it is easy to know what it allowed and what isn't. In a society like ours with changing standards it is possible that what is said one day, and accepted won't be the next. I think this means as a society we should extend a little patience and understanding to those who are willing accept their mistakes.

Iraq Sunni tribes build police force, fight al Qaeda - Yahoo! News

Iraq Sunni tribes build police force, fight al Qaeda - Yahoo! News

In defiance of the conflict that is tearing apart much of the country of Iraq, there are groups that are working with the Americans to create a stable society. Just a year ago Anbar provence was a scary place, both for Americans and Iraqis as terrorist controlled the region. Starting last summer, Sunni tribal leader Sheikh Abdulsattar Abu Risha, got together other tribal leaders and created the Anbar Salvation Council. The group has been able to recruit 20,000 police for the streets of the Sunni dominated province.

"The situation (in Anbar) was unbearable before, people were tortured, shot dead, bodies littered the streets. We couldn't even leave our homes to bury the dead," Abu Risha told Reuters from Ramadi by a crackly satellite phone.

While the province is still plagued by car bombs, according to US military officials their numbers have fallen.

"The number of attacks and incidents across the entire province has dropped significantly," said Brigadier-General Mark Gurganus, the U.S. Marine commander in charge of ground operations in Anbar, without giving details.

There's Something About Renee on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

There's Something About Renee on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Renee is a rare an beautiful womyn.

Best Night Ever

Pullout Is Disaster Says Ware

Beck: Do You Want Another 9/11? No. Then Don't Go Democrat!

Imus Producer Calls Sharpton A Terrorist, Pt 2


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