Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Hannity's Double Standard: Rosie O'Donnell vs. Imus



Spiderman 3 Premire In Rome
Gas Guzzling Crow
Slimy Sanjaya

Handsy, Drunken Captain America Found Guilty Of SuperJunk-Enhancement

Perez Gets His Ass Sued

Dita Von Teese On Love, Marilyn Manson, Nudity, Etc.
Basinger Denies Leaking Tape, Calls Baldwin Unstable
Johnny Borrell Opens Up About Kirsten Dunst

Britney Spears is Getting Her Fat Melted
Russians Love Jennifer Lopez
Lindsay Lohan Gets Hacked - Chapter 2

Love It Or Hate It: Marilyn Manson and Evan Rachel Wood
Pam Anderson To Adopt?
The Sanjaya Plague Strikes Again

Angelina Jolie: 'I'm No Mother Teresa'
Mischa Barton: 'Don't Compare Me To Nicole Richie'
Paris Hilton's Cell Phone & Email Leaked

Today In Capitalizing On Tragedy
Eliot Spitzer: Day One With Sanjaya, Everything Changed
The 'New York Times' Annual Meeting Brings Out The Crazies
Does Cindy Adams Hate Rupert Murdoch?

18 Year Old Single Mom Is The Latest Addition To the Pussycat Dolls
Jack White Putting Out Next White Stripes Album & Recording New Raconteurs
Perez Hilton Sued By The Paparazzi
Bono To Appear On American Idol
Hilarious picture of Gwyneth Paltrow and Courtney Love out together!
Suri Cruise celebrates her first birthday in style

Happy Anniversary Madonna!
Lovely Liv Still Talking About Losing Baby Weight

Rosie O'Donnell still obsessed with Donald

Jewel Is The Queen Of Cleavage (Hollywoodtuna)
Pax's New Name - It's the Pitts! (

The Pussycat Doll Have a New Member
The Heroes Ladies Are BACK!


al-Qaida Group Claims 9 U.S. Deaths
Ranger Alleges Cover-Up in Tillman Case
McCain to Make Case for Presidency
Riot Breaks Out at Indiana Prison
Ore. Gov. Starts Week on Food Stamps

China tops US over Japan trade
UN team starts Kosovo mission
Canadian charged at Guantanamo
Ethiopia launches rescue mission
New 'super-Earth' found in space
Africa aid target 'may be missed'
Israel ponders fresh Gaza tactics
Baldwin and agent part company

Earth-like planet found
Rove's political presentations probed
Jail riot leaves two employees injured
$65B tunnel vision would link Alaska, Russia
Soldier: I was warned off Tillman truth
Toyota overtakes GM as top car maker
Chinese automakers plans U.S. sales this year
Why a heavily hyped investment bank is MIA's guessing game
No more Clear Channel bids?
Wal-Mart to open 400 clinics within 3 years
World Bank execs refuse to hear Wolfowitz
How subprime bailouts work
Dow surges past 13,000
Coke said to be in talks to buy vitamin water maker
New airline to offer $10 tickets

Heather Mills Booted From 'Dancing With the Stars'
McCain to Lay Out His Case for 2008 Presidency
Is the Tube Making Your Toddler a Boob?
Cheney: Democrats Are Defeatists About Iraq
Attorney Says Skakel Murder Case Corrupted By Book Deal
Toyota Passes GM to Become World's Top Auto Seller
4-Year-Old Boy Tackled by College Football Player Recovering
FOX411: Katie Couric's Enemies Are CBS Insiders
Opening Statements to Begin in Phil Spector's Murder Trial
Dow Jones Industrial Average Cracks 13,000 for First Time
Miss America Goes Undercover to Bust Child Sex Predators

Riot halts transfer of Ariz. inmates
Tillman's brother blasts Pentagon
Russians pay respects to Yeltsin
Toyota tops GM in world auto sales
Gonzales aide gets immunity
Survey finds New Orleans race bias


Poll: Muslims show only partial support for Al Qaeda's agenda
New US missile proposals cause old adversaries to stir

Mexican lawmakers vote to legalize abortion
Ex-Hill aide pleads guilty in Abramoff scandal
FedEx: FAA rule would delay deliveries
Alaska mom goes on trial in killings of 3 sons


10 Die As Storms Hit Texas-Mexico Border - San Francisco Chronicle
McCain attempts to breathe new life into campaign - Reuters
Toyota Topples The King - Washington Post
Planet Hunters Edge Closer to Their Holy Grail -
Cheney returns to work after leg check-up - ABC News
Yahoo's Better (But Imperfect) Lyrics Database - PC World
Canadian expects to consult at Guantánamo - Miami Herald
Ethiopia hunts for seized Chinese oil workers - Boston Globe
AT&T doubles profit in first quarter - Computerworld
Stories By Date - Washington Post

Russian official dismisses U.S. shield cooperation (Reuters)
Riot breaks out at Indiana prison (AP)
Military lied about US football star's death: brother (AFP)
Mexico City lawmakers legalize abortion (AP)
Potentially habitable planet found (AP)
Riot breaks out at Indiana prison (AP)
McCain jumps into presidential race (AP)
Ethiopia says Eritrea behind Chinese oil facility bloodbath (AFP)
Phil Spector opening statements due today (AP)


Yahoo! Hits the Great Wall of Litigation
70 Times Better Than the Next Microsoft
Wal-Mart Gets Its M.D.
AT&T Rings True
Labor Ready Is Ready for Action
BlackBerry Invades Microsoft's Turf
Wipro Hungry for Deals
CDs Aren't Just for Grandma Anymore
Google Eyes Web Conferencing

Target lags after weaker sales outlook; retail shares fall
Amazon jumps 12% after results; Sun loses 6%
Existing-home sales plunge 8.4% in March
N.Y. Times shareholders withhold vote; chairman defends structure
Lessons to be drawn from Anna Nicole Smith's lousy estate plan
Lower energy prices clip Occidental Petroleum profit
An argument for buying South Korean stocks
Ecolab's profit jumps 15% on domestic demand
Target sees April sales 'much weaker'
AT&T profit doubles on merger, mobile
United Airlines parent posts $152 million loss
What does 13,000 really mean for investors?
Rival bids unlikely to capsize Bank of America-LaSalle deal
Colgate-Palmolive profit jumps 50%; CEO retirement date set
PepsiCo profit jumps 16%; backs full-year profit forecast

Amazon Stands Tall
More Discontent at New York Times
Vonage Execution Stayed
Downgrading the Housing Woes
Wal-Mart Sees No Big Share Sale
Four Keys to Radio Advertising
AT&T Quarter in Line
Make a Fortune With the Fortune 500
BofA Defends Deal Stance
New-Home Sales Miss Views
Here's How Buffett Beats the Market


Abortion and Anti-Poverty in Mexico

Bush rules out bilateral talks with Iran, then rules them in again minutes later
CNN headline: Cheney attacks defeatist Dem plan
HuffPo to co-sponsor GOP debate which all GOP candidates will surely boycott
VTech update: Cops find no link between Cho and victims
Audio: Ayaan Hirsi Ali defends the imam who says she must be killed

The chosen president
Who gets to use the N word?

A Phone Call From Hollywood!

VENT The Defeatocrats' Cheer

Ro goes!

A Note from me....

I want to make a short note that I don't feel like I am giving you my loyal reads the high quality content that you deserve. I thought it might help to explain the end of the semester is coming up and I have been running night and day to get things done. I plan on providing a markedly better content level after this passes. I have been thinking about new information and new ways to share information. I really like the "Who is..." posts and I will do more of those, as well as more "Spin Zone" posts. I am thinking about doing reports on different countries to tell a little about thier history and their economic and polictical situation.

I hope you are enjoying this blog, and that you will continue to find its content to be informative and entertaining.


Woman may set record as shortest mother

Mr T Snickers commercial

Wal-Mart opens clinics...

Wal-Mart to open 400 clinics within 3 years

Wal-Mart is making plans to open 400 clinics in its stores in the next three years. The clinics which will be operated through contracts with local hospitals and other local health care providers.

This is a continuation of a pilot program that resulted in the opening of 76 clinics in 12 states. The program is expected to boost the health of the stores shoppers as well as a draw to bring customers into the store.

"We think the clinics will be a great opportunity for our business. But most importantly, they are going to provide something our customers and communities desperately need - affordable access at the local level to quality health care," said Wal-Mart Chief Executive Officer Lee Scott in a statement

Best Night Ever

The Pussycat Dolls Ready For New Pussy! (Ugly Betty?!)

FOX News Attacks Bill Moyers

Real Time Overtime 4-20-07

Senator John McCain - You Choose '08

Reality Stars Fall into Trap


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