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Stick Figures On Crack

Britney Spears's New Single! Happy Birthday Olsen Twins!

Best Night Ever

Countdown: White House of Scandal June 18, 2007

Right Wing Watch: Giuliani Creating a “Moral and Spiritual Dilemma” for the Right

Right Wing Watch: Giuliani Creating a “Moral and Spiritual Dilemma” for the Right:

"'Speaking as a private citizen, no, no, I could not support (Giuliani),' said
Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, which has about a
half-million members. 'The 20 years I've been involved in politics, the life
issue has been at the very top. How could I turn my back on that?'
said that should Giuliani win the nomination, he would vote for a third-party
candidate who reflected his values. 'It wouldn't be the first time,' Perkins
added in an interview last week."

Another person comes out against Giuliani, I don't think he has a chance.

Does This Sound Familiar?

Captain's Quarters: Does This Sound Familiar?

"Do we really need another piece of public policy that bypasses the normal
legislative process? The backroom strategy hardly helped the comprehensive
immigration reform effort, so it's hard to understand why Grassley and Baucus
feel the need to use it for their tax effort. After all, if the policy is good
for the country, then hearings with the IRS and analysis from the Treasury
should confirm it .. right?"

I don't know that much about this tax law, but I think that a process that takes place away from the public eye or the democratic processes of the congress is wrong. If the bill is honestly a good one it should be able to stand the scrutiny of discourse.

Michael Moore's Sicko on Democracy Now

American Thinker: Blaming Bush for Gaza

American Thinker: Blaming Bush for Gaza

Attempts by the US to reach a peace between Israel and The Palestinians.

(1) became the first American president to officially support a Palestinian
(2) gave a major policy address outlining a new process to achieve it,
notwithstanding the collapse of the Oslo process,
(3) convinced the U.N.,
E.U. and Russia to formally endorse the process, in the form of a Road Map with
specific phases and timelines,
(4) got both Israel and the
Palestinians to formally commit themselves to the three-phase plan,
negotiated a disengagement
under which Israel (whose Phase I obligation was only to dismantle
certain post-2000 "outposts") dismantled every settlement in Gaza and totally
withdrew its forces from the area, to give the Palestinians the chance to
demonstrate their ability to live "side by side in peace and security,"TM
(6) insisted as part of the deal that Israel also withdraw from settlements
in the West Bank to demonstrate that the disengagement process would not end
with Gaza,
(7) assisted the Palestinians in holding their first truly
contested election, giving them the opportunity to vote among competing parties
and freely choose their leaders, and
(8) greatly increased American
humanitarian aid to the Palestinians both before and after those elections

How they responded to these actions.

(1) continued their war against Israel, with waves of mass-murder bombers in
cafes, buses, seders
and other civilian areas, intentionally targeting women and children,
did nothing to start dismantling their terrorist infrastructure, as they had
promised to do,
(3) began a massive smuggling operation of weaponry into
(4) fired thousands of rockets, on a daily basis, into Israeli border
cities and kibbutzim (in numbers that increased once Israel withdrew),
crossed into Israel and killed and kidnapped Israeli soldiers,
(6) used a
kidnapped Israeli soldier as a hostage to make ludicrous demands for the release
of Palestinian murderers and thousands of others from prisons in which they were
lawfully held,
(7) continued to receive hundreds of millions of dollars of
aid without making any significant dent in their endemic corruption and
mismanagement, and
(8) elected an arch-terrorist group to run their

It is a sad state that the Palestinians are in right now, but they have to look no farther than the leaders of their government to find the blame.

Blair knew Bush not prepared for post-war Iraq - AMERICAblog: A great nation deserves the truth

Blair knew Bush not prepared for post-war Iraq - AMERICAblog: A great nation deserves the truth:

"With the end of the Blair era arriving this week there is no shortage of
reviews of his tenure as PM. Some very interesting information is now coming out
and it confirms what others were saying years ago, though were publicly
dismissed by Blair and Bush, with those even suggesting such information
attacked and smeared. Even when given the option to opt out of military
involvement, Blair - obviously confident in Bush's ability to win in Iraq and
probably dreaming of a Churchill-like position in modern Britain - said 'no' and
insisted in being part of the military program. "

There has been a lot of talk about Blair knowing that Bush had not planned for the post invasion of Iraq. From this information comes a lot of speculation about how Blair was weak for standing with Bush on this issue. What I don't see people asking is what Blair was supposed to do about it. From reports I have read, he pushed Bush to be prepared, Bush did not take that advice, but is that the fault of Blair? I think it is easier to throw stones at those in the seats of power, than it is to understand the position they are in.

Maybe he should have kept his country out of the war. As Americans having this discussion though, that has little effect on our involvement in the war. I think that the UK had as much to gain from the overthrow of Saddam as the Americans have.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Says Nice Things About Rosie - The Hollywood Gossip

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Says Nice Things About Rosie - The Hollywood Gossip:

"“With Rosie, the conversation is always fun, real and true,” Hasselbeck told
People magazine at Friday’s Daytime Emmys gifting lounge in Hollywood. “I think
this year was really special, indeed. The show is so much about chemistry and
great conversation. We certainly had that this year. It’s been a really
fantastic year.”"

This is the difference between someone who respects people that disagree with them and someone who does not. I honestly think that Hasselbeck comes out of this the bigger person.

Rosie Still Says Hideously Stupid Things – Evil Beet Gossip

Rosie Still Says Hideously Stupid Things – Evil Beet Gossip:

"“I got to tell you, I’ve been hanging around with those heteros for a full year
and it’s not fun,” she said. “Turn around one minute and they’ll stab you in the
back with a high heel. They will.”"

While I don't take this too seriously, knowing that Rosie was making a joke, I do wonder how she would feel if the same statement had been made about gays. I think people should be held their own standards. When Kelly Ripa made a sly remark to Clay Aiken about his hand on her mouth, Rosie jumped on her for it.

Worst Person June 18, 2007

Randi Rhodes: The enemy of my enemy is my friend

Lindsay Lohan Cancels 21st Birthday Bash in Vegas - Lindsay Lohan : People.com

Lindsay Lohan Cancels 21st Birthday Bash in Vegas - Lindsay Lohan : People.com:

"With Lindsay Lohan now in rehab, what was going to happen in Vegas ...
won't happen in Vegas.

Lohan, who had wanted a big party in Sin City for
her 21st birthday, has canceled the July 2 blowout at PURE Nightclub, PEOPLE has
confirmed. "

This isn't shocking news, but lets hope that this means that she is taking her rehab more seriously this time. If she comes out and goes back to the parties like she had been before she could see her career over in a number of years. She is a great actress, but there are lots of young womyn trying to make it, and when it comes down to it a director needs someone that will bring in an audience and someone who can work hard to make a movie.

Joe Scarborough ThisClose to Permanently Snagging MSNBC’s Morning Bigot Slot / Jossip

Joe Scarborough ThisClose to Permanently Snagging MSNBC’s Morning Bigot Slot / Jossip:

"“Soon we’ll have something to talk about,” says MSNBC chief flapper Jeremy
Gaines about a formal decision, but nothing, supposedly, has been locked down
yet. Perhaps it’s the dollar amount and number of years on Joe’s new contract?"

It looks like Joe is going to get the show. I think he would be a good choice for that slot. He leans to the right, but more often than not, he doesn't do so in the same way that Bill O'Reilly does.

celebrity nation: Britney may sue over crazy billboards

celebrity nation: Britney may sue over crazy billboards:

"Britney Spears is planning to take legal action against a Florida radio
station that posted billboards using pictures of the popstar with a shaved head
next to the station's morning host and the captions 'Total Nut Jobs,' 'Shock
Therapy' and 'Certifiable.' Spears's lawyer sent a letter on June 14 to station
owner Clear Channel Communications calling the billboards 'outrageous to the
extreme' and demanding their removal, stating that the popstar's 'likeness has a
multi-million-dollar value for authorized commercial exploitations' and that as
a result she is entitled to 'very substantial damages' from Clear Channel.

I don't know where the line is, but this crosses the line. I think it has something to do with the fact that they are using her image to promote their own show. I think there is a difference between just mocking Britney and using her to promote yourself.

SFChronicle Ed. Diaz takes on O'Reilly

Border Fence Advocate Can't Prove It Works


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