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Calif. man accused of stabbing sea lion - Yahoo! News:

Calif. man accused of stabbing sea lion - Yahoo! News:

"LOS ANGELES - A fisherman accused of stabbing a sea lion with a steak
knife after the animal stole his bait was charged Thursday with violating the
federal Marine Mammal Protection Act. "

But officer, it stole my bait, I had to stab it with my knife.

ABC News: 9-Year-Old Charged in Fatal Baby Beating:

ABC News: 9-Year-Old Charged in Fatal Baby Beating:

"An 11-month-old boy was fatally beaten at a home day center, and
authorities have charged a 9-year-old boy also attending the day care with the
death and the center's owner with putting the child in harm's way. Authorities
said the older boy repeatedly hit Tahir Francis in the head a week ago, causing
skull fractures. Tahir was taken to a hospital and died about six hours later
while undergoing surgery."

I don't know how a 9-year-old boy knows that he can kill, and even less what would make him want to kill. This is all probably a very sad mistake. The people who should be looked at are the parents and the adults at the day care.

Quoted / Jossip:

Quoted / Jossip:

"If CBS were as proud of Kid Nation as the network would have us believe,
then why were such pains taken to shoot in secrecy, and do it in a state that
did not protect children on show-biz sets, and in such a way that guild rules
didn’t apply? Moonves should lift the gag orders on the 40 children and their
parents who signed a 22-page agreement in which a strict confidentiality clause
prohibits disclosure of information about the show and contact with the media
over the next three years. If violated, a $5 million penalty is levied. I say,
if CBS has nothing to hide, then let everyone involved talk freely.–Nikki Finke,
commending the New York Times"

The whole thing is dirty, the more you know about it, the worse it sounds. This show is not going to do well for the network, and it should be pulled. The network is going to attempt to run it and make some of the money production money back. I don't think that is going to happen, viewers will not watch it, and advertisers will begin to pull out.

Greek fires under control as aid arrives - Yahoo! News:

Greek fires under control as aid arrives - Yahoo! News:

"ATHENS, Greece - Promises of aid poured in from around Greece and overseas
Friday as firefighters doused most of the huge wildfires that ravaged the Greek
countryside for a week, killing 64 people. "

It is good to see this sad mess come to an end. Now begins the sadness of what has been lost and what needs to be rebuilt.

Michelle Malkin » Federal judge blocks tougher penalties for illegal-alien hiring

Michelle Malkin » Federal judge blocks tougher penalties for illegal-alien hiring:

"Oh, crikey. A San Francisco federal judge appointed by guess-who interferes
with stiffer employer sanctions for businesses that knowingly hire illegal
aliens because she says she needs more “breathing room:”"

There is a saying that one bad apple will ruin the bunch, when it comes to employers who hire illegal workers the whole bunch is bad. They are starting off breaking the law, and knowing it. I always have my doubts about people who are willing to break the law in this manner. They are not breaking the law because they want to help the poor immigrants - ok maybe a few are. Employers break the law because they want to save money by not paying what they would have to pay legal workers. Worst of all, they do it because they don't want to extend to them the rights that they would have to give to legal workers. Employers of illegals abuse their workers, and there is nothing that can be done about it, sometimes they don't even pay the workers.

They abuse the workers, and encourage the immigrants to break the law by coming here, and are the engine behind the biggest domestic crisis our country faces right now. I don't think you can punish them too harshly.

Countdown: Worst Person August 31, 2007

Hot Air » Blog Archive » Three GOP candidates considering Tommy Franks for VP?

Hot Air » Blog Archive » Three GOP candidates considering Tommy Franks for VP?:

"I don’t know what’s more alarming, the fact that they’re so dim to public
sentiment about the war that they’d consider putting one of its architects on
the ticket or the fact that they think Texas might be in play next year and need
him as an insurance policy. Surely also-rans like Brownback and Hunter aren’t so
far in denial about their chances that they’d be thinking about running mates,
so it’s got to be three of these five: Rudy, Romney, McCain, Fred, and Huckabee.
Probably the first three, just because they’re suspect for one reason or another
among conservatives and could use some of Franks’s deep red state appeal."

You know your idea is bad when the cheerleader of the right - but she dances like Elaine - is telling you that it is stupid. Right now the Iraq war is almost universally unpopular. Placing a person who was such a key part of the Iraq war will turn off voters. It will also turn off voters, because I think that they are looking for a stronger president than vice president, Franks would be an echo of Cheney in some voters minds.

Hot Air » Blog Archive » Reid: Hey, maybe we don’t need a withdrawal deadline after all

Hot Air » Blog Archive » Reid: Hey, maybe we don’t need a withdrawal deadline after all:

"At one point, as [Reps.] Moran, Tauscher and Rep. Jon Porter (R-Nev.) were
heading to lunch in the fortified Green Zone, an American urgently tried to get
their attention, apparently to voice concerns about the war effort, the
participants said. Security whisked the man away before he could make his
point…But even such tight control could not always filter out the bizarre world
inside the barricades. At one point, the three were trying to discuss the state
of Iraqi security forces with Iraq’s national security adviser, Mowaffak
al-Rubaie, but the large, flat-panel television set facing the official proved
to be a distraction. Rubaie was watching children’s cartoons.When Moran asked
him to turn it off, Rubaie protested with a laugh and said, “But this is my
favorite television show,” Moran recalled."

This doesn't give one a lot to be encouraged about when it comes to the future of Iraq. Cartoons should not be more important than meeting with American Congressional leaders. This is a trivial story in some ways, but at the root of it, it expresses a lack of concern about government by at least this Iraqi leader. He should be relieved of his duty to allow him more time to watch cartoons.

The Modoggie Pictures

An example of the pictures that is are causing the unrest, they represent the head of Mohammad on the body of a dog.

Gates of Vienna: Swedish Flags are Burning

Gates of Vienna: Swedish Flags are Burning:

"Demonstrators in Lahore, Pakistan, burn the Swedish flag today in protest
against the publication of a drawing of Mohammed."

Not again, I strongly believe a number of things related to this issue. The first of all is that we should be sensitive to each others religious beliefs. Second is that the free expression of ideas is the most important freedom that we have as people. Third and most importantly, we cannot allow teenagers with matches and loud voices on the Arab street to control the media of the west. Honestly they shouldn't even be able to control the media of their own countries - let the adults in their countries do that.

Crooks and Liars » Richardson: Get specific on Iraq

Crooks and Liars » Richardson: Get specific on Iraq:

"In the most recent debate, [Richardson] asked the other major candidates a
clear question: how many troops would you leave behind and for how long? We have
yet to hear an answer. All the major Democratic candidates say they are eager to
end this war, and they all say they don’t believe there is a military solution
in Iraq. Why, then, do they maintain that we must leave an indefinite number of
troops behind for an indeterminate amount of time to work hopelessly towards a
military solution everyone says doesn’t exist?"

The war in Iraq is the key difference that I have with Richardson, and the reason why I can't vote for him. He doesn't seem to understand that you can't just end the war, and take all the troops home in the time that he has put on the table. The war was a mistake from the beginning because of the way it was launched and planned. We are where we are though, and the country is moving slowly towards success - it would be immoral to leave now.

Crooks and Liars » FOXNews Attacks Single Mom Katie Couric For Going To Iraq

Crooks and Liars » FOXNews Attacks Single Mom Katie Couric For Going To Iraq:

"As ThinkProgress reported today, Fox News attacked CBS rival and single mother
Katie Couric for her upcoming trip to Iraq. But while Neil Cavuto, John Gibson
and the gang at Fox grew hysterical about Couric, they remained silent about 26
year old Michelle Ring and other single mothers fighting for the United States
in Iraq. The issue for Fox, of course, is that anyone else’s coverage of Iraq
inevitably brings the facts of Bush’s Baghdad fiasco directly to American
television screens. But in a new low even for Fox, Couric (whose husband passed
away from colon cancer in 1998) was accused of placing her children at risk all
in the name of ratings."

Are these people insane, how do they expect anyone is going to think they are not a joke.

BREAKING: AP now reporting that Craig Will Resign Tomorrow - AMERICAblog: A great nation deserves the truth

BREAKING: AP now reporting that Craig Will Resign Tomorrow - AMERICAblog: A great nation deserves the truth:

"Idaho Republican Sen. Larry Craig will announce Saturday he will resign from
the Senate amid a furor over his arrest and guilty plea in a police sex sting in
an airport men’s room, Republican officials said Friday. Craig's communications
director Dan Whiting told the Idaho Statesman, 'I won't say either way.'"

Ooops, I posted the other day that he had quit. Well it was a good and clear choice then, and it is a good and clear choice now. There is no official work from the senator, but I don't see how it can end any other way.

Fantasy candidate Thompson jumps into the GOP clown car - AMERICAblog: A great nation deserves the truth

Fantasy candidate Thompson jumps into the GOP clown car - AMERICAblog: A great nation deserves the truth:

"'I believe that there are millions of Americans who know that our security and
prosperity are at risk if we don't address the challenges of our time,' Thompson
said in a statement. The formal announcement will come in a webcast on September
6, followed by a tour of Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina. A second leg
will hit Florida and wind up at home in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, on September
15. 'We enter this campaign in a strong position,' said campaign manager Bill
Lacy. 'Fred is consistently near the top in the polls, and conservatives across
the country have put together the closest thing to a draft in recent
presidential campaign history in an effort to bring about this day.' But
Thompson's long-delayed formal entry had made some supporters anxious and
sparked complaints he was violating Federal Election Commission laws by running
a shadow campaign."

I was wrong, he is in the race.

Reid Ready To Haggle With Antiwar Republicans | Air America Radio

Reid Ready To Haggle With Antiwar Republicans Air America Radio:

"After not being able to persuade the Republicans to agree with Reid’s proposal
for a springtime troop withdrawal, Senator Harry Reid said he will compromise
with them. Reid said, 'I don't think we have to think that our way is the only
way. I'm not saying, 'Republicans, do what we want to do.' Just give me
something that you think you would like to do, that accomplishes some or all of
what I want to do.'"

I am against congress stepping into the war process, but I think what is more important is the congressional process. What I mean by that is that Democrats and Republicans need to start working together again to get things done. There must be some ground that can be found that is shared between the parties. There must be a meeting point that will address the concerns of both parties. While some on the left will accuse him of selling out, what Reid is doing is important for our democracy.

Dennis and Elizabeth Kucinich visit Maine

Randi Rhodes: the hell of going on Larry King

On Not Saying "I Do" by Dorian Solot -

On Not Saying "I Do" by Dorian Solot -

For some reason I think there is something hot about dorky girls,. Well the ones that like to talk about sex are even hotter. Amy Winehouse is Trying to Get Pregnant Amy Winehouse is Trying to Get Pregnant:

"Deciding that rehab just wasn't the right thing for her after she fell into a
coma due to an overdose of heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, horse tranquilizers, and
ketamine in a London bar on August 8th, Amy Winehouse is doing what any heroin
addict would do. She's making well thought out, logical decisions. Her plan to
help her and her husband solve their relationship problems and kick drugs? A

Why do these train wreck drug addicted, alcoholic chicks who can barely keep their own lives together think it is a good idea to get themselves knocked up. Granted she is married, but her husband is only a shade better than her crackass. I hope that they don't have kids, not now anyways.

Eye Openers - Jezebel

Eye Openers - Jezebel

Click the link to read more

Gabby Babble: Jude Law's Dating a German Underwear Model?

Gabby Babble: Jude Law's Dating a German Underwear Model?:

"Jude Law has moved onto another woman, a 26 year-old German underwear model,
Susan Hoecke. They looked pretty cozy during their romantic dinner at a Japanese
restaurant in Berlin. Jude is so smooth with the ladies isn't he? I guess it's
easy for him because he's still hot!"

Man she is hot, I hope that they stay together for a while so that we can see lots of pictures of them in the future. In fact she could be the next Sienna Miller. Everyone will want to dress like Susan Hoecke, which would be a good person for Britney to start dressing like.

Gabby Babble: Is Demi Moore Jealous Of Cameron Diaz?

Gabby Babble: Is Demi Moore Jealous Of Cameron Diaz?:

"Ashton Kutcher is in Las Vegas filming his new movie 'What Happens
in Vegas' with Cameron Diaz. Demi Moore visited him on the set. Could it be that
she's worried that Ashton and Cameron will hookup?"

That's just silly, Cameron has nothing on Demi. Demi is a strong, successful beautiful womyn, and Cameron dated Justin Timberlake.

Gabby Babble: Sienna Miller Drunk as a Skunk

Gabby Babble: Sienna Miller Drunk as a Skunk:

"Sienna Miller was reportedly so hammered that she was literally falling out of
her shoes when photographers spotted her after a fashion launch party in London
last night. Sienna was seen walking into walls and needed the support of friends
to prevent herself from falling. What a party girl. "

Is Sienna the next star that is going to make a visit to rehab. I don't know how much talent she has, so she really needs to make sure that she doesn't get to crazy. There is potential there, if she doesn't party too much.

Gabby Babble: Hyori Lee Is Hot in Arena

Gabby Babble: Hyori Lee Is Hot in Arena

I don't know who this girl is, in fact she is so hot I am not sure I know who I am anymore.

Poor Anna Nicole | Dlisted

Poor Anna Nicole Dlisted:

"Yesterday evening was the premiere of the movie 'Anna Nicole' which stars Willa
Ford as the title character. Willa didn't show, but other major A-listers did.
Bobby Trendy who plays himself in the film showed as did Chyna Doll and Mary
Carey. Get my sunglasses, I'm blind from all this star power."

Was this a movie premiere or the opening of a new adult bookstore. Why are they called adult book stores, no one reads adult books anymore.

Buzz Foto LLC - Paparazzi Is An Art Form!

Buzz Foto LLC - Paparazzi Is An Art Form!

That is one hot dress on her...

Buzz Foto LLC - Paparazzi Is An Art Form!

Buzz Foto LLC - Paparazzi Is An Art Form!

She looks so much hotter without that fake shit in her hair.

Becks Wants More Kids Because His Soccer Days Are Obviously Over And He's Going to Need Something To Do

A Socialite's Life: Becks Wants More Kids Because His Soccer Days Are Obviously Over And He's Going to Need Something To Do

"David Beckham doesn't seem too concerned about the fact that his season with
the L.A. Galaxy appears to be over due to ANOTHER injury. It's been pointed out
that I don't know shit about soccer and only an ignoramus like me would be
pissed off that this bitch just got a boatload of paper and played 1 1/2 games."

First of all, Becks has to take care of his health. It is true that he has only played a couple games, but if he doesn't take care of his health then he will be out of the game either for the rest of the season, or forever. As for another kid, it would be great to see them have more kids.

Stephanie Miller: Mo Rocca talks about Sen Larry Craig

41st Annual CMA Award

41st Annual CMA Award

Entertainer of the Year

Kenny Chesney
Brad Paisley
Rascal Flats
George Strait
Keith Urban

Female Vocalist of the Year

Alison Krauss
Miranda Lambert
Martina McBride
Reba McEntire
Carrie Underwood

Male Vocalist of the Year

Kenny Chesney
Brad Paisley
George Strait
Josh Turner
Keith Urban

Horizon Award

Jason Aldean
Rodney Atkins
Little Big Town
Kellie Pickler
Taylor Swift

Vocal Duo of the Year

Big & Rich
Brooks & Dunn
Montgomery Gentry
The Wreckers

Single of the Year

“Anyway” - Martina McBride
“Before He Cheats” - Carrie Underwood
“Lost in this Moment” - Big & Rich
“Ticks” - Brad Paisley
“Wrapped” - George Strait

Album of the Year

“5th Gear” - Brad Paisley
“It Just Comes Natural” - George Strait
“Long Trip Alone” - Dierks Bentley
“Love, Pain, and the Whole Crazy Thing” - Keith Urban
“These Days” - Vince Gill

Music Video of the Year

“Anyway” - Martina McBride
“Before He Cheats” - Carrie Underwood
“Moments” - Emerson Drive
“Online” - Brad Paisley
“You Save Me” - Kenny Chesney

View All of the Nominees for Every Category - Iowa Judge Issues Stay on Own Gay Marriage Ruling - Politics | Republican Party | Democratic Party | Political Spectrum - Iowa Judge Issues Stay on Own Gay Marriage Ruling - Politics Republican Party Democratic Party Political Spectrum:

"Judge Robert Hanson said he issued the stay about noon. Earlier, he had told
the county attorney to instruct the Polk County recorder to stop accepting
same-sex marriage applications. By the time Recorder Julie Haggerty stopped
taking applications around 11 a.m., her office had accepted 21 applications."

Now the real battle begins. I think that Iowa could be the tipping point for granting rights for homosexuals to marry. When states like Mass. grant similar rights to homosexuals it almost makes it harder for other states to follow suit. Mass. has such a strong reputation as being liberal that to follow its example it to invite the an attack from the right of following the an extremist agenda. However when a state like Iowa changes sides, it makes it easier for other states to follow its example, because Iowa is not know to be liberal.

Fugitive fundraiser turns himself in - Politics -

Fugitive fundraiser turns himself in - Politics -

"REDWOOD CITY, Calif. - A top Democratic fundraiser wanted as a fugitive in
California turned himself in Friday to face a grand theft charge."

I have to applaud him for turning himself in to authorities, clearly he has been able to avoid the law this long he could have continued to do so. He excuse about not knowing that the authorities were searching for him sounds pretty pathetic to me. It is hard for me to believe that at no point did he learn that he was a wanted man.

Snow stepping down on Sept. 14 - Politics -

Snow stepping down on Sept. 14 - Politics -

"WASHINGTON - President Bush announced Friday that press secretary Tony Snow,
who has waged a battle with cancer while manning the White House lectern, will
resign and be replaced by his deputy, Dana Perino, on Sept. 14."

Ideas for replacements, Sean Hannity - just so Colmes doesn't have to deal with him anymore. Ann Coulter - just to see her be bitchy on a regular basis. Michelle Malkin - again just to see her on her soap box. How about Robert Novak - he has been doing the job for free already hasn't he.

Clashes after Fatah protests Hamas - Focus on Israel/Palestinians -

Clashes after Fatah protests Hamas - Focus on Israel/Palestinians -

"GAZA CITY, Gaza City - A protest of Hamas rule by Fatah supporters turned
violent Friday when Hamas men began forcefully dispersing the crowd, firing in
the air and beating demonstrators and reporters."

Could the control of Gaza that Hamas has declared that it holds be weaker than they would like outsiders to believe. How much power could these other groups, and portion of the population that are tired of the Hamas style of power and confrontation that has gotten the Palestians no where have? Could they vote Hamas out of office, force them out of power the way that Hamas forced Fatah out of power.

Sen. Mike Gravel on Immigration

Hillary jokes Bill looked into No. 2 job - Yahoo! News

Hillary jokes Bill looked into No. 2 job - Yahoo! News:

"Asked by talk-show host David Letterman if Bill Clinton could serve as her vice
president should she be elected to the White House, the former first lady
acknowledged that he could not. 'Believe me,' she joked, 'he looked into that.'"

I know this is a joke, but I think that this is real concern that many people have regarding her run for the White House. While there are many people who loved Clinton when he was president, there are also a lot of people that remember the Clinton administration for its troubles, and don't want to repeat those problems. This is something that Hilary should have stared further away from, and shouldn't be joking about.

What the Buck?!- How To Get 30,000 Subs on You Tube!

Nicole Kidman Katie Holmes Vogue Magazine December 2007 Battle | Style Crunch

Nicole Kidman Katie Holmes Vogue Magazine December 2007 Battle Style Crunch:

"Star Magazine insiders claim ’Mad Money’ star Katie Holmes will be battling her
hubby’s ex Nicole Kidman for the title of Vogue Magazine December 2007

It's the epic battle of the Tom's Wives Club. I think they are both beautiful, but I have to cast my vote for Nicole. I don't think that Katie has done enough for fashion, like Nicole has to win the cover of Vogue. I know what you are thinking, what had Amy Winehouse done for fashion - well like I said it was just my opinion.

Gisele Bundchen GQ Magazine September 2007 | Style Crunch

Access Hollywood | She's Back: Britney's New Album Gets A Release Date | Celebrity and Hollywood News

Access Hollywood She's Back: Britney's New Album Gets A Release Date Celebrity and Hollywood News:

"LOS ANGELES, Calif. (August 31, 2007) — After months of rumors and speculation,
pop princess Britney Spears will finally return with her first artist album in
four years, this fall."

I wish her the best of luck with this, I might even buy it myself if it is any good. I question if too much has happened since her last album though, and people have forgotten Britney the musician in the light of all the other crazy sides of Britney that have been served up recently.

Celebrity Ramble » Phil Spector

Celebrity Ramble » Phil Spector:

"Five women have testified to his threats during their relationships with him.
Court TV has said that some of the women were credible at his trial, but the
last woman who testified had sold her story to the “Globe”."

Granted just because he threaten and pulled guns on many of the people he had had relationships with in the past, does not mean that he pulled a gun, and threaten Miss Clarkson. It just makes it highly likely.

The Superficial - Ashley Olsen lands provocative role

The Superficial - Ashley Olsen lands provocative role:

"Set in 1980s Los Angeles, the script follows seven stories taking course during
a week in the life of a movie executive, his wife, his mistress, a rock star, a
vampire and a kidnapper. Thornton will play the movie executive, and Basinger
his wife. “Superman star Brandon Routh has been cast as the vampire, while
Ashley Olsen will play a sexually promiscuous girl. "

What is this reality TV, why is Ashley playing herself? No, thats not fair, the Olsen sisters actually have a pretty good record on the Hollywood dating scene - good meaning that they don't serial date. They have had their parents supporting them emotionally in ways that the serial daters have not.

The Superficial - Britney Spears ex-assistant is not a celebrity

The Superficial - Britney Spears ex-assistant is not a celebrity:

"Shannon Funk, the former assistant to Britney Spears, is apparently worthy of
paparazzi attention. Granted, she’s sort of hot in a slutty,
hey-she’s-not-Britney kind of way. But this chick is not a celebrity. Want
further proof? She’s hanging out with Jamie Kennedy. "

It is shockingly easy to be a celebrity these days. You work for Britney Spears, you join her for a swim in your underwear, you have lesbian sex with her - oh well that part might not be easy. Funk is a passing trend though, and I almost feel bad for her, she is what I would call an E list celebrity and their expiration dates come fast. When they expire though, there is a sense of where is my fame?

Tim Gunn Has A New Show But Screw That, Where's Project Runway?

A Socialite's Life: Tim Gunn Has A New Show But Screw That, Where's Project Runway?

"Here's Tim Gunn baring his choppers and looking a little tipsy. 'I love your
handbag so much that I'm going to chew on it, darling!' The tall elegant Park
Avenue lady that is Mr. Gunn has a new show that premieres Sept. 9 on Bravo.
It's called 'Tim Gunn's Guide to Style'. Who gives a shit? What's up with
'Project Runway'? I need 'Project Runway' like Amy Winehouse needs a rail to

I don't know about needing "Project Runway" more than I need to blow Amy Winehouse -oops, nevermind. What I do know about is that Tim Gun has an interesting style and I want to see his new show. I wonder if they will be showing it on the internet somewhere. Speaking of shows on the internet, I have not been watching "The Fashionista's" because I am upset with ITunes about a billing problem, also it was the last program I ran before my computer started to crash so I am paranoid. The other site that should be running the show has only had the first episode on it. Maybe I will download ITunes again, they did refund me for that billing error.

Best Night Ever

Ex-Paris Pal Feels the Burn (X17 Online)

Ex-Paris Pal Feels the Burn (X17 Online):

"Kim Kardashian, had a less than friendly reception at Tangerine nightclub in
Vegas last night. According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Kim, who was in
town to support the launch of friend and other Paris pal, Caroline D'Amore's new
clothing line, was booed at the club! "

Why you have to be drinking from the haterade people? Honestly though, who even knows how much of this report is real.

Is Lindsay Getting Out? (X17 Online)

Is Lindsay Getting Out? (X17 Online):

"So, Linds has been through a lot this year. Currently she's in a rehab
facility in Utah... but hasn't it been a month already? Lohan checked in just
days after her July 24th car chase, and now it's August 30th. The minimum length
of stay at the Cirque Lodge treatment center is thirty days - of course, she
might stay longer. It's nice out there! But if not, and Lindsay decides to
return to her L.A. life soon, will she be ready, rested and rehabilitated? "

Common Lindsay we miss you, get well so that you can come out and play again. Isn't that what Hollywood is in the end, a large sandbox that the kids play in - while the adults watch. Ok, maybe it can't be assumed that everyone watching in an adult.

The A(rea)-Team (X17 Online)

The A(rea)-Team (X17 Online):

"One of our videographers was posted up outside of Area last night when he
happened to notice a sight which we've been seeing more and more often lately -
the subpoena-delivery team who works for K-Fed's lawyer! Even the now-infamous
Israeli ex-commando Aaron Cohen made an appearance, watching over his team as
they watched the clubgoers making their way home. Unfortunately for Cohen and
his crew, service was a little slow last night - despite waiting for hours (and
passing the time by smoking cigarettes by the dozen), the team eventually packed
up and left without handing anyone any papers. The big question, then: just who
do you think they were at Area to serve?"

While I have no idea who they were planning on serving it did get me to thinking. Who would be next, who is a famous person, who was friends with Britney for a while, and with her and the kids at least a couple of times. A person who would make this drama even more intense by being served. Could it be that they are planing on serving Paris Hilton with papers? That could make this whole mess so big that it would collapse under its own weight. She has had a friendship with Britney, and as far as I know she has not been served yet.

Salma Hayek’s Baby Shower |

Salma Hayek’s Baby Shower

"The nine-months-pregnant Hayek (dad is her fiancé, Francois-Henri Pinault, 45,
CEO of luxury goods company PPR) even received doubles of several gifts off her
registry at L.A.’s NoMi Boutique. She got Petunia Pickle Bottom Cake bags in
both black ($325) and pink ($425), as well as two Bloom high chairs ($400 each)
and Graco Snug Ride car seats ($130 each). “She was very excited about
everything,” said Pia Lindstrom, who attended the party, where guests –
including Hayek’s mother – enjoyed homemade Mexican food. "

I think she is going to be a great mother. Best of wishes to her and her family.

Cameron Diaz Gets a Paparazzi Birthday Surprise

A Socialite's Life: Cameron Diaz Gets a Paparazzi Birthday Surprise

"These paparazzi have learned, much like Jane Goodall did by studying her
subjects from a distance for years, that the way to approach a Cameron Diaz in
the Mist is to try to come bearing gifts. That way, you're much more likely NOT
to end up with a camera being thrown in your own face. So, to celebrate Cammie's
35th birthday, the paps met our girl on the set of her comedy, 'What Happens in
Vegas,' with a bouquet of balloons, emblazoned with 'Happy Birthday!' on them. I
guess it worked, cause I don't see any bloody noses left in Cameron's wake. Good
work guys...this time. "

What a shock, even Cameron can be happy when it is her birthday and you are giving her a present. When she is good, she is really good, when she is bad, she is really bad.


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