Sunday, March 18, 2007

Missing Boy Found Dead

Six year old Christopher Michael Barrios, who had been missing for about a week was found dead Thursday. According to reports, police plan on charging a convicted sex offender, the suspects parents and another neighbor with the murder. While police officials would say that it is clear that Christopher had been murdered they would not release details in which he was found. While hundreds of people organised to search for Christopher, the suspects parents lied to the police about knowing he was abducted, and the neighbor, who first lied to the police, later admitted to a role in the crime.
Christopher's body was found by police in a black plastic garbage bag, near the Glynn County Airport and about three miles from the mobile home park where he lived. Police say that they were attracted to the body by first noticing tire marks headed off into the trees. When they followed the tracks, and saw the plastic bag and smelled the decay - they knew it was him.
Police had earlier searched one of the suspects homes and found a number of shovels. While police would not discuss all the evidence that was found in the search, they did say that a number of shovels had been taken from George Edenfield's home. George Edenfield a convicted sex offender, who lived accross the street from Christopher. Edenfield, while not being currently held on charges related to the boys disappearance, was arrested for violating his parole by having contact with a minor.
At various time each member of the group has made conflicting and incriminating statements about the fate of Christopher. Two of the men had confessed to taking part in the burial, but when they took the police to find the body, they found nothing. All the information from the four suspects turned out to be a fustrating waste of time.
An autopsy will be done on the boy on Friday by the Georgie Bureau Investigation's crime lab.

Help Anna Wintour Find A New Word For "Blog" - Gawker

Help Anna Wintour Find A New Word For "Blog" - Gawker

Anna Wintour is bringing Vogue into the age of Web 2.0, by introducing blogs to the magazines webpage. However, she is so upset by the word 'blog' which she finds to be ugly, that she has instructed her staff to come up with another word.

Porn interrupts Brokaw broadcast - Peculiar Postings -

Porn interrupts Brokaw broadcast - Peculiar Postings -

Viewers of a health show featuring former news anchor Tom Brokaw, got a unexpected dose of porn. On Monday night, KPPX was broadcasting the cable news show, when it was interrupted by what the station is calling an act of humyn sabotage. Viewers report being shocked by the graphic images that flashed on the screen about five or ten minutes into the show. - Starbucks Reportedly Planning Record Label - Business And Money | Business News | Financial News - Starbucks Reportedly Planning Record Label - Business And Money Business News Financial News

Starbucks, in a bid to get into the music business in a more expanded way, than selling other peoples music, is preparing a record label. The first release on the label is set to be former Beatle singer Sir Paul McCartney. The new unit is expected to be called "Starbucks Records". One source believes that Starbucks existent efficient distribution channel should allow the company to make profit.

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