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Best Night Ever

Lindsay Hotseat


Hilton Hospitalized

Riots in France

Impeach Bush?

Akon's Apology Is Not Enough

Akon's Apology Is Not Enough:
"In these pictures and on the video Akon is clearly man-handling a
very young girl against her will in the most vile manner. As a society, we
cannot tolerate this type of violence and degradation towards our fairer
Shame rains it wrath down upon you, Akon!"

I wonder what he is sorry for, that he broke the law, that he was caught, that he lost his sponsor or that he treated a womyn worse than an animal?

Sharpton: Prior to '78, Mormons Weren't 'Real Worshippers of God' |

Sharpton: Prior to '78, Mormons Weren't 'Real Worshippers of God'

"In going on Paula Zahn's CNN show this evening, was Al Sharpton's goal to
quell the controversy surrounding his comments about Mormonism, or to inflame
it? If the former, he failed miserably. If the latter, he succeeded admirably.
Far from retracting his earlier allegation that Mormons aren't real believers,
he repeated it."

He does raise a good questions, if I believe that God is not racists, and you believe that God is racists - do I have the right to claim that you are not really worshiping God?

The Word

Reza Aslan

Thats some cake

Rudy Giuliani

Effort to 'green' U.S. Capitol complicated by coal -

Effort to 'green' U.S. Capitol complicated by coal -

"WASHINGTON (CNN) -- U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's plan to make the U.S.
Capitol complex more environmentally friendly is being hampered by the
reluctance of lawmakers from coal-producing states to implement changes at the
complex's coal-burning power plant."

More often than not, making any building more environmentally friendly when discussing matters of energy, also saves money. Image how much money the Federal Government could save if it installed solar panels on the White House and the Capital Building. That in itself should be cause enough to look into making that investment. The fact that it could help clear the air, is a great bonus.



American Thinker: Trivializing National Security

American Thinker: Trivializing National Security:

"Yesterday, House Democrats once again showed the electorate why they
cannot be entrusted with the nation's national security. Incredibly, the
Democrats are insisting that the Intelligence Authorization Act include a
provision funding a global warming study. Texas Democrat Silvestre Reyes,
Intelligence Committee Chairman preposterously argued that 'this is an area we
may vulnerable in terms of potential terrorists.' "

A couple years ago here in California they passed a bill that stated that all initiatives could only be be on a single subject. I think they should do the same thing in Washington. I support global warming studies, but I don't support sticking it inside a bill where it doesn't belong. The game in Washington is now being played for the game itself and with little regard to actually doing something.

"Multiple Choice Mitt" Romeny blasted by the right - AMERICAblog: A great nation deserves the truth

"Multiple Choice Mitt" Romeny blasted by the right - AMERICAblog: A great nation deserves the truth:

"Tough times for Mitt who is just so eager to please everyone, changing
his core values every election and now his new friends on the extreme right are
calling him 'multiple choice Mitt' and questioning his changing positions. And I
thought it was going to be such a happy new friendship. It's no wonder he's so
desperate to change the subject."

Is Mitt Romeny the John Kerry of the Republican primary?

Best Night Ever

Lohan on Letterman

Akon Possibly Bends Over Underage Fan On Stage, Dropped By Sponsor, May Face Prosecution in Trinidad - The Hollywood Gossip

Akon Possibly Bends Over Underage Fan On Stage, Dropped By Sponsor, May Face Prosecution in Trinidad - The Hollywood Gossip:

"Akon was fired by Verizon and is being threatened with prosecution over
the incident, which apparently featured a simulated rape of the girl."

It sounds like he had reason to believe that the girl was over 18, but that does not address the issue of the treatment she received as a person and a humyn being.

It was never my intention to embarrass or take advantage of my fans in any
way, especially those under the age of 18. That is why we tried to make sure
that the club did not admit anyone under 18 in the audience. Somehow, that
standard was not met.

Celebrity News!: Lindsay Lohan Bought Six Tablets of Ecstasy - into GOSSIP.

Celebrity News!: Lindsay Lohan Bought Six Tablets of Ecstasy - into GOSSIP.:

"'[At Coachela] Lindsay bought six tablets of Ecstasy - three with an
imprint of a blue Smurf and three with a pink diamond. She also bought an
eight-ball of cocaine (about 3½ grams). Lindsay did line after line of coke all
weekend. She was always the last one to leave all-night parties because she was
still flying high. One morning she ordered a $400 breakfast; two bottles of
Ketel One vodka, one bottle of Belvedere vodka and a bottle of Patron tequila.
Since that weekend, Lindsay has been drifting a near-24/7 haze. Lindsay crushed
Ecstasy into the coke and snorted it to get a hardcore rush. Her favorite
alcohol is vodka. She pours it into a 16-oz. water bottle and drinks it straight
or mixed with some soda. But she also drinks tequila and champagne.'"

More reports about Lohan's drug use make it harder to believe that there isn't some truth to these reports.

John Gibson wants Michael Moore to suffer!

LINDSAY'S HABIT - Pagesix - New York Post Online Edition

LINDSAY'S HABIT - Pagesix - New York Post Online Edition:

"As for life in front of the cameras, Lohan said, 'I get embarrassed
about the paparazzi if I'm in a chic restaurant, or when I was in the AA
meetings . . . I feel really disrespectful because those people are doing that
for themselves and it's no one else's business. But that was the only time it
was embarrassing. Other times, I obviously like it . . . I wouldn't ever want
them to not take my picture . . . I'd be worried. I'd be like 'Do people not
care for me?' ' "

Lohan is a little girl who loves the attention of the world as any little girl would. It seems to work out too, since a lot of people like to give her that attention.

Celebrity News!: Brad Pitt Denies He-man Rumors - into GOSSIP.

Celebrity News!: Brad Pitt Denies He-man Rumors - into GOSSIP.:

"Brad Pitt has laughed off claims he is to star as cartoon hero He-Man in a
live-action movie adaptation."

Sadly it turns out the rumors are false...

O'Reilly: 10-Month Baby Murdered in Boulder, 30-Broken Bones

Tom - Home - France Wises Up

Tom - Home - France Wises Up:

"Six months ago Johnny Hallyday, the “French Elvis,” announced that he was
taking up Swiss citizenship to escape France’s high tax rates, which absorbed
about two-thirds of his income. Because Hallyday was known to be a supporter of
then-candidate Nicolas Sarkozy, a political row immediately burst out. Showing
some political courage, Sarkozy did not disavow Hallyday; instead he declared
that the singer was quite justified. If he won the election, said Sarkozy, he
would cut tax rates to entice France’s high earners back home."

It is hard to argue with the point that Ayn Rand made years ago, that when you are taxing someone you are taking away money that they earned. If you are to make this an honest transaction the person who is giving the tax should get something from it in return. When we pay for police and fire with taxes, all the tax payers gain for the increased security and protection. There are ways that both parties spend tax dollars that will return minimal or no value to those who pay the taxes.

Sarkozy has talked about lowering taxes and re-establishing friendship with America, this is why the conservative blogs have been so happy about him winning.

O': Soros Pays $75K to Gen. Clark to Attack America's Values

Glenn Beck: A Message to Politicians Supporting Open Borders

Celebrity Correctional Dept: You Didn't Really Think Paris Was Going To Do The Whole 45, Did You? - Defamer

Celebrity Correctional Dept: You Didn't Really Think Paris Was Going To Do The Whole 45, Did You? - Defamer:

"Sheriff's Department spokesman Steve Whitmore said Hilton's sentence could be
cut nearly in half by state law allowing for credit for time served for good
behavior. In addition, he said, overcrowding in the jail system could further
reduce the time she spends in custody.
Overcrowding has been a major issue
in the L.A. County jail system, with some inmates -- even violent ones --
serving as little as 10% of their sentences. (If that standard was applied to
Hilton, she would serve less than a week in jail.)"

So I guess it really isn't a surprise, the jail system in California is broken. I know someone who was in jail, and said that people would get in fights when they were send to the work farm. As a result of getting a fight they would be sent back to the jail, where there was less space. Since there was less space they would get out sooner.

I don't know what will happen with Paris, but I think that she will be strong after all this is over.

FULL OF IT: Obama Uses Tornado Tragedy For Political Gain

One-sided Attack On Professor Norman Finkelstein

Guest's response shouted down as "speechmaking"


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