Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Father & Son Cut In Line At Walmart, Go To Jail

You really have to admire how stupid some people are, and the amazingly stupid things they'll do.
clipped from consumerist.com

When 26-year-old Edward Pluhar Jr. decided to walk past the people waiting in line at Walmart's customer service desk over the weekend, he probably didn't expect one of the men he dissed to confront him over it. What he and his father really didn't expect, however, was for the guy to be an off-duty police officer who doesn't appreciate being threatened.

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Man Sells Daughter For Meat, Beer

I guess the buyer couldn't afford Miss Dylan's virginity.

Really though, this is sad. Though I wonder about the nature of the deal, since the girl went willingly. Could it be she hated her father, and who wouldn't hate a father that would sell his own child.
clipped from jezebel.com

The man allegedly sold his 14-year-old daughter into marriage in exchange for $16,000, 100 cases of beer and several cases of meat. Police learned of the deal after the man went to retrieve his daughter because he was not paid as promised. An 18-year-old man (who we can only assume was the "husband") has also been arrested on suspicion of statutory rape. The girl claims that she went willingly with her older neighbor, but since she is too young to consent under California law, her "husband" will still be charged. Sadly, cases of arranged marriage involving underage girls have become increasingly common in this small farming community. [MSNBC]

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Huge Israeli Airstrike Caught On Tape

Sam is good for La Lohan

Things have been going good for Lindsay since she got together with Sam. I hope whatever relationship they have, they can hold on to it.
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"We never broke up," Linds tells Life & Style magazine. “People don’t have to be together every second. It’s healthy to miss someone, and if you’re in it for the long run, it’s good to know that.”

On their Facebook profiles, both still have their status listed as "in a relationship." BUT, Lindsay recently updated her status several times over the weekend with the cryptic quotes: "Lindsay deserves the best and the truth" and "Happiness and love are just a choice away."

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He has gotten away with a crime

Lets just be honest, the real problem here is that if he comes back or not, he has gotten away with a crime for over 30 years. I say there is no point in pretending that he will ever be punished.
clipped from defamer.com

Polanski's Victim Lobbies (Again) For Case Dismissal

From her residence in Hawaii, the 45-year-old Geimer filed a legal declaration asking the Los Angeles Supreme Court to throw out Polanski's case, lest the revival of hearings, more hearings and the director's imminent arrest upon returning to the States ensnare her a second time in the trauma of his persuasive appeals. It's not her first statement to this effect, and not even her most public — that likely occurred last summer on the red carpet for the crusading documentary Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired. But it is her most important, aiding Polanski in a way that his own fugitive logic cannot:

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No one will really pay

My guess is that this will be like when Emenem's house was on Ebay. The bids wents sky high, and for a few days the lucky owners thought they were going to be rich. In the end, the money was never paid.

Same thing here, I doubt anyone will pay that much to sleep with this girl. She isn't that hot and everyone knows how sloppy and confused the first time can be. For that money you could fly to some poor country and start your own whore house.

She is hosting her first lay at a whore house in Nevada.

Natalie Dylan Virginity For Sale, Current Bid $3.7 Million (Photos, Video)

Natalie Dylan appeared on The Tyra Banks Show in December 2008.  The 22 year old San Diego resident has gone public with her quest to auction off  her virginity to the highest bidder.  At the time of this broadcast the bidding was slightly over $1 million.    Reports today indicate the auction bidding has reached $3.7 million.

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