Sunday, September 23, 2007


I have good news for everyone. I got a new job, my first day is tomorrow. I have been off a little this weekend on getting news on the blog. I am taking the rest of today off as well. I just want to take some time to relax because I have been pushing so hard lately. With the new job, I will continue to post everyday. It is unclear at this point how many days I will be working or how many hours. I will do my best to continue to make this your go to site for news of gossip and politics.

Dateline takes on iPod thieves - Dateline NBC -

Dateline takes on iPod thieves - Dateline NBC -

Dateline the news show that struck out in searching for predators of our children have moved on. With all the child predators having either shot themselves or imprisoned they have moved on to a new threat. The new threat that faces humynkind if I-Jackers. Dateline's news staff goes undercover to catch these I-Jackers where they hide and track them down.What are I-Jackers, the lowest of the low, people who steal your I-Pods. These hooligans must be stopped.


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