Friday, August 20, 2010

You either support freedom or you don't....

Both sides do this. But you have to have it one way or the other.

I support both the mosque and the Glenn Beck rally.

in reference to: Left Supports Ground Zero Mosque but Protests Glenn Beck Rally? (view on Google Sidewiki)

This was a stupid move for World Net Daily...

I agree with Ann on every point she made.

A speaking agreement is not an endorsement.
This is all about publicity for the World Net Daily site.

On a side note, however you view the issue of being gay, it is only one aspect of a persons life. Taking such firm stands against people who identify themselves as being gay is to needlessly push them into voting for democrats.

in reference to: » World Net Daily’s Intolerance is Bad For Conservatives - Big Government (view on Google Sidewiki)

It is times like these that make me love Greg...

Greg connects Dr. Laura's use of the N word on her radio show, with the building of a mosque near ground zero.

In doing so, he makes a solid point. I am sicked by those who oppose the mosque, and want the government to take action. This is America, and the government cannot do that, not while remaining the country so many have fought and died for. I understand people died on Sept. 11, and families are hurt but they are being used by parties on the right with their own agenda. I firmly believe that waving around your grief is not only tacky, but a weak political argument. That is where I agree with Greg the most, this shouldn't be a political discussion like it has been.

The forces against the mosque have turned this into a fight, and a fight demands defensiveness from both sides.

Even governments make mistakes...

Two things about this story have always bugged me.

1) There is an assumption in the conspiracy community on both side of the political spectrum that every government mistake is a cover-up. While I am not discounting the fact some cover-ups are played off as mistakes, I want to be shown why I should believe that. I haven't seen a solid why in this case.

2) The cry for those pushing the story has always been that the administration used TIllman's death for political ends. Simply put, isn't that exactly what opponents to the war are doing? Two wrongs do not make a right.


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