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Just a note - I have passed 1000 posts.... and the best is yet to come. I want take this moment to thank all my readers, and thank you for sharing this site with others. I think that there is great potential for this site to become a solid source of news and entertainment.

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The Spin Zone

This is an essay I wrote as part of a class I am taking, I thought I would share it here to see if there were any thoughts on it.


I think that one myth that is bad for society is the myth of the soldier. The myth of soldiers who are driven by love of their country to fight to defend it. Don’t get me wrong, I do believe that there are some soldiers out there that fit this myth – I think every myth has some truth. The truth of the matter is that people join the Army for a number of reasons, patriotism only being one of them. Another major reason that recruits will join, is financial, either they cannot find another job or they want money for school.

Then there is the aspect of how often they are really fighting to protect America in the most honest sense. Going back through history, it could be said that even the World Wars were not fought to defend America. I am not arguing that we should not have fought in those wars, but the true threat to America was unclear. More recently the war in Iraq- again not making judgments about its rightness – is not clearly being fought in defense of America.

The danger of this myth is it gives the public the wrong image of our troops and why they fight. In creating an ideal of virtue that isn’t complete in reality, it prepares the country to believe that the men and womyn who fight for us could do no wrong. When this trust is broken we forget that they are just people working under extreme situations and demean them for their actions. This image is bad for the troops because the image it creates of the troops is that they choose to fight and that their reward is achieved through the battle. I think if we took an honest approach to the occupation of soldier the way we do Police Officers, it would change the way we think about and treat our troops. An example of this would be a new discussion about the amount that we pay our troops, how does the pay compare to other dangerous and important jobs.

To be honest I don’t think that there are any positive myths in our society, or that this is possible. If we are talking about a myth as a way of talking about a subject in way that is different than it is. Truth is always the best, we cannot deal with things that we do not understand and we cannot understand what is not honestly expressed. I agree with Kennedy that myths are an enemy of the people. If there is a myth of racial tension, and the reality is racial harmony, the myth can change reality and create conflict. On the other hand there are situations where we assume that things are better than they are because we don’t want to deal with the conflict that it implies. In this regard I think with Samuelson that myths are maintained out of laziness and fear. The danger in this is that conflicts that are ignored do not solve themselves, and problems that need solutions are often pushed out of the public awareness because of confusion and the lack of courage to confront them.

Hannity Blames Democrats for High Gas Prices

The Word

Hot Air » Blog Archive » Dim: Congress drafts rules to phase out incandescent bulbs

Hot Air » Blog Archive » Dim: Congress drafts rules to phase out incandescent bulbs:

"People complain about social conservatives needing to stay out of their
bedrooms. But globwarming greens are fooling around in every damned room in my
house. "

I agree with Michelle on this one. I think that using energy efficient appliances is better for our pocket books and better for the environment, I don't think that making it illegal not to is the best choice in getting that done. History has shown that when you prohibit something, it only breeds resentment for those who feel like their way of life has been restricted.

You can look back at the period where alcohol was made illegal and the crime that was associated with that. You can look at the drug community and how they resent what they feel is government intrusion into their lives. Saying that you cannot use a certain type of light bulb is just another example of this type of government oversight that generates negative feelings.

I think that the government should have the right to limit things that are dangerous. Drugs are dangerous to the people who use them, and the societies they live in. Light bulbs, while they damage the environment and add to global warming gasses do not do so at a level high enough in my mind to warrant government action.

A thought to ponder, what if this argument were used to suggest only nuclear power stations be built. I am sure that many of the people who support this bill would not support that idea. It is at its root however the same concept.

Angelina Jolie to Replace Paul Wolfowitz at World Bank

Angelina Jolie to Replace Paul Wolfowitz at World Bank:

"WASHINGTON, D.C. - Angelina Jolie has been tapped to replace Paul
Wolfowitz as president of the World Bank. President Bush is expected to delay
making the formal announcement until early next week, however, in order to give
Mr. Wolfowitz time to gild his parachute, and Mr. Bush time to prepare for his
Saturday Night Live appearance with Queen Elizabeth."

This appears to be a joke, and I hope that it is. That said, I imagine there are people crazy enough to want Jolie to head The World Bank though. I know she does a lot of good things for the poor around the world, but that does not mean she is able to run an institution the size of The World Bank.

It has to be a joke.

Brad Pitt To Remake He-Man

Brad Pitt To Remake He-Man:

“They are very keen on Brad for the role. He will have to bulk up though - he is
very fit but not to ‘He-Man’ proportions.” He-Man - the most powerful man in the
universe - is a sword-wielding hero with superhuman powers."

Yeah but is he going to get a butt double for this movie too, or a chest double? Really though I never watched the cartoon as a child, so I don't have much to add to this news. I will say that since Brad Pitt is becoming more and more a cartoon version of himself before our eyes everyday - playing a cartoon hero is not a bad fit.

Britney Searches for New Digs...Again | POPSUGAR - Celebrity Gossip & News.

Britney Searches for New Digs...Again POPSUGAR - Celebrity Gossip & News.:

"Brit hopped back to LA and promptly got to business looking for a new
house in Beverly Hills. Considering Britney seems to househunt as often as she
changes wigs these days, who knows where she'll end up"

If you got a mansion in your area and you would like Britney as a neighbor just give her a call. Make sure the property is walled to keep her free range children in.

Best Night Ever - Tuesday

Best Night Ever - Monday (sorry it is late)

TV Squad Daily with Brigitte: 05-07-07

From George Soros' brain to Ted Kennedy's mouth

Egotastic! - What's Wrong with Britney Spears' Breast?

Egotastic! - What's Wrong with Britney Spears' Breast?:

"I'm confused. There is something definitely not right with Britney Spears'
breast in these pictures, but I can't even begin to understand what it is. If
you look closely, you can see there is a bulge under Britney's right breast, but
what bulge that is, I don't know."

Breaking news, these pictures just taken of Britney Spears' boobs show a strange bulge under them. We go now to our expert in breasts to get more information.

Common, I know this is celebrity journalism but is this the best you could come up with as a story. Look at that picture Spears' is walking around in her bra. Have our expectations of her fallen so low that this fact isn't news worthy, at least as much as a bulge under her breast. There are a thousand things that could have caused that bulge from lighting to body movement to the fit of her bra.

Lets talk about that hair, it has to be a wig. I wonder how her real hair is growing back, and when we will see it again, if ever. She could just continue to shave it and wear wigs -would we ever know?

Another One Who Deserves Her Own Post: Kirsten Dunst

Another One Who Deserves Her Own Post: Kirsten Dunst

I love her in whatever she wears, of course the less she wears the better...

Star Jones Gives Lap Dances at Yeeeah!

Star Jones Gives Lap Dances at Yeeeah!:

"If getting mauled by a bear has always been your greatest fear, then you
obviously haven’t considered the horror that is having Star Jones rub her hoo-ha
all over you in public. The New York Observer caught the newly-svelte View star
grinding on gay husband Al Reynolds at the post-Kentucky Derby Stereo Party,"

You might just have to be gay to enjoy that, wait that's an insult to gay people - sorry, please don't send me to rehab.

Celebrity Dirt -- Brad Pitt Is He-Man!

WHAT I Rosie to Host 'The Price is Right'

WHAT I Rosie to Host 'The Price is Right':

"Rosie O'Donnell announced 2 weeks ago that she will be leaving 'The View,' but
it looks like she won't have trouble finding new work. Reports are saying the
Rosie wants to take over Bob Barker's spot on as host of 'The Price Is Right"

I don't see Rosie working out on The Price is Right, I hope this turns out to be a dead-end rumor.

Lindsay's New Man?

Go away Paris Hilton

Annie Lennox's girl hit by the Internet gatecrash yobs | the Daily Mail

Annie Lennox's girl hit by the Internet gatecrash yobs the Daily Mail:

Eurythmics singer Annie Lennox might well be feeling, as in the words of
her hit song, just like she's walking on broken glass today.

A bulletin posted at Myspace turned a party by Annie Lennox's daughter into chaos and caused significant damage to the house.

Party-goers daubed graffiti on walls, broke pictures and lampshades, tore apart
books, urinated and vomited on carpets, flooded the kitchen and had a pitch
battle in the garden.

The e-mail about the party was only meant to go to a few of her friends. Instead it was spread like wildfire around the internet. The home was trashed when more than 100 youngsters forced their way into the house. They sprayed graffiti inside the house, urinated and vomited on the carpets, had a pitched battle in the garden and soon filed the space to standing room capacity.

The Terminator Has No Love For Paris Hilton

The Terminator Has No Love For Paris Hilton:

"Thank you for contacting Governor Schwarzenegger regarding Paris Hilton.
The Governor always appreciates hearing from constituents on issues important to
Although the Governor’s office has not received a formal request for
assistance from Ms. Hilton, the Governor generally will not consider intervening
in private legal matters. While the Governor does have executive clemency power,
Governor Schwarzenegger will exercise his clemency power only in unusual or
extraordinary cases and generally after all judicial remedies have been
On behalf of the Governor, thank you again for writing. An
informed and engaged citizenry is essential to a successful and responsive
Patrick Campbell
Office of Constituent

A comment from the governors office regarding rumors that Hilton was seeking help in her current legal troubles from the governor. I think it would be a stretch to believe that Arnold would step into this situation, not only on the grounds of assuming he cares enough to do so. It would be a huge political risk for him to be seen helping out one of his Hollywood friends and he would be attacked for it immediately.

Reunited, And It Feels So Good: Elliot Mintz Already Back In The Hilton Family - Defamer

Reunited, And It Feels So Good: Elliot Mintz Already Back In The Hilton Family - Defamer:

"The flack had resigned Sunday but at Monday night's event he told Us, 'The
rumors of our professional separation were overexaggerated,' and he was back on
as Hilton's publicist. 'I continue to be her media rep,' Mintz continued. 'She
remains a client...and more importantly a dear friend.' [...]"

Just an update for those who are following the Paris Hilton story, to be honest I think Paris Hilton's life is the longest running reality show out there right now.

Sanjaya Comes Out


Liv Tyler

La Lohan

VENT Monitoring Radio Hatemongers - CNN Political Ticker - CNN Political Ticker:

"WASHINGTON (CNN) -- A majority of the U.S. public disapproves of
President Bush's decision to veto a war spending bill that called for U.S.
troops to leave Iraq in 2008, according to a CNN poll released Tuesday."

People who know me know I hate bad logic. If you have a solid message, and a good foundation you do not need bad logic. There are a number of ways that logic can go bad. If I say that because Jesus had long hair and I have long hair, that I am Jesus, this is bad logic. Another common form of bad logic is the bandwagon approach, what this argument does is by passes debate and goes right to saying that since something is popular that it must be right. Marketing of course depends on this when they say that two out of three people prefer the taste of this over that, does that mean that it is a better product or that you will enjoy it? What it means is that you will try it and if you do not like it you may be afraid to express that feeling you are a minority.

When talking about coke or popcorn the damage probably isn't that major. However when we are talking about the politics of our nation, we should look at this in a deeper way. When you come out with a poll that says that the Iraq War is unpopular, you are using a bandwagon argument for attacking the war. There is a number of dangers in this, one is that this unpopularity becomes a topic of discussion in itself and the subject of the war is not talked about. The second is that those who feel like they disagree with this opinion may feel less inclined to express a dissenting view point, when asked at a party how they feel about the war. No one wants to be the only republican at a democratic party or the only democrat at a republican party, so when the topic comes around those who hold what they feel are unpopular views will hold back.

Lets talk about honest facts every once in a while. Lets talk about the troops that are dying in Iraq, but also lets talk about the change both good and bad that the country has seen since we invaded.

ABC News: Sharpton Denies Disputing Romney's Faith

ABC News: Sharpton Denies Disputing Romney's Faith:

"The Rev. Al Sharpton, who recently urged that radio host Don Imus be fired for
making a racially insensitive remark, said in a debate that 'those of us who
believe in God' will defeat Republican Mitt Romney for the White House."

Is the president of black people and the king of tolerance demeaning someones religion? I think this is a clear example that Sharpton will say and do whatever it takes to gain power and attention for himself. If that means assisting the black community like in the case of Imus, so bet it. However if he has to attack a fellow believer, then that is what he will do. He later said that he wasn't questioning Romney's faith in god, but that isn't what he expressed by claiming that anyone who believed in god, would not vote for Romney.

Romney had this to say about the comment made by Sharpton.

"It is terribly disheartening and disappointing to hear Reverend Sharpton
offer such appalling comments about a fellow American's faith," said Romney
spokesman Kevin Madden. "America is a nation of many faiths and common values,
and bigotry toward anyone because of their beliefs is unacceptable."

If we are to take tolerance seriously, and we are to take Sharpton to be a serious voice for tolerance, it can't be exclusive tolerance of black people, but all people.

"The 5ft 8in actress usually known for her elegance and old Hollywood glamour,
shocked onlookers with her dramatic transformation. Blanchett has always been
slender, slim,ethereal figure has long been a designer's dream on the red
carpet. But Australian-born Blanchett's new skeletal appearance suggests she may
have succumb to Hollywood's size zero phenomenon.'"

Wow she's thinner than Nicole Richie.

Hannity Uses Foiled Terror Plot To Make Political Hay


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