Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Obama Administration Protected Black Panther Who Advocates Killing W...

I understand the city's point...

But from a libertarian point of view, I think limiting the distribution of food by a private group is an over-stepping of the powers of government. The fact that I doubt it is an effective means to the ends they are trying to reach is besides the point.

in reference to: Restricting Food to Homeless Stirs Controversy - ABC News (view on Google Sidewiki)

Obama says immigration enforcement is the job of the federal government...

But the federal government isn't doing it. It makes sense Arizona would take action to protect itself.

in reference to: Hot Air » Feds to claim pre-emption in fight against AZ immigration-enforcement law (view on Google Sidewiki)

Did Rolling Stone harm America with its article?

I know people are happy Rolling Stone published "the truth", but lets look at what it published. It ran a story informing us that the top general in Afghanistan doesn't think highly of Obama and his leadership team. We got to read about him and his staff making fun of Joe Biden (doesn't everyone make fun of Joe Biden). But that isn't important.

What is important is the lives of the men and womyn serving in Afghanistan and Iraq. What is important is that as a nation we are informed about the circumstances of the war they are fighting and the deaths they are dying. Hearing people make fun of Biden is great (again doesn't everyone make fun of Biden) but getting information about our troops is critical.

Thanks to Rolling Stone and the story by Hastings, that is going to be harder.
clipped from news.bbc.co.uk

US Defense Secretary Robert Gates has ordered a tightening of the rules covering the US military's dealings with the media.

The move comes in the wake of the sacking of the US commander in Afghanistan, Gen Stanley McChrystal, over a Rolling Stone magazine article.

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I love this....

The best thing I read all day.
clipped from www.guardian.co.uk
Just as the invention of the printing press transformed society, the internet's capacity for "an unlimited amount of zero-cost reproduction of any digital item by anyone who owns a computer" has removed the barrier to universal participation, and revealed that human beings would rather be creating and sharing than passively consuming what a privileged elite think they should watch
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