Monday, December 28, 2009

Government is the problem not the solution...

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Economists call these political entrepreneurs “rent-seekers.” Rent-seekers gain wealth, not by creating it, but by channeling it through political favors. Examples include government-sponsored monopolies, “targeted” tax breaks for special industries, and legislative loopholes inserted by lobbyists. 

Rent-seekers aren’t partisan. They used President Bush’s push for an ownership society to promote sketchy mortgage products. Before that, they used President Clinton’s push for a fairer economy to compel banks to make loans to poorer neighborhoods. In both cases, rent-seekers turned political slogans into profit, but at a steep cost to society when the boom ended.

Markets fail; but they learn from their failures. That’s why we need markets. Government can promise to guarantee our prosperity; but only markets can really deliver.

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Lights, Camera, Paparazzi!

Lights, Camera, Paparazzi!: "

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The 370 Dumbest Passwords, as Compiled by Twitter [Shut Up, Twitter]

The 370 Dumbest Passwords, as Compiled by Twitter [Shut Up, Twitter]: "

Here's the full list of banned Twitter passwords, via TechCrunch:


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