Thursday, June 24, 2010

How a kid plays a violent video game...

The writer tell how his kid play Grand Theft Auto, and instead of killing people, he saves them. While this does suggest people are not born bad, I don't know you can extrapolate from this that people are born good. It could just be one interesting interaction between one child and one game. It also suggests the impact of the group, and how the group can influence an individuals behavior just by exposure. Given 10 years, this child is likely to play the game more in line with how it was envisioned.
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In all his time with Grand Theft Auto he never once encountered any of the controversy surrounding this notorious title. He didn’t beat any hookers with a baseball bat.  He didn’t deal drugs. He didn’t go on a murderous rampage. He certainly never once had a cup of hot coffee. He didn't avoid these things because I told him he counldn't try them. It just never occurred to him to commit these acts. 

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