Sunday, April 15, 2007

ABC Interviews Hugo Chavez


Paparazzi deliver Starbucks to Britney Spears
Kim Kardashian Still Loving the Sidekick
Salma Hayek Doesn’t Like The Bible
Kirsten Dunst: Acting Career on Hold!
Jenna Jameson Looking Desperate For Attention
Salma Hayek "I don't like the way the Bible views women"
Lindsay Lohan's Dad Wants To Help Troubled Teens
Gwen Stefani Does Harper’s Bazaar
Hilary Clinton On American Idol's Sanjaya
Hayden Panattiere in a ROBE on the set of her new movie

Nicole Richie & Nicky Hilton Cares About MS
Lindsay Lohan And Keira Knightley In Screen Threesome
Scarlett Johansson Shocked By Racism
James Franco's Nightmare Kiss With Sienna Miller

Condensed Sugar: Larry Birkhead Gets Custody

Posh and Becks living separate lives (Katie Nicholl/The Mail on Sunday)
X17 XCLUSIVE - Britney Sets The Record Straight! - Part 1 (X17 Online)
X17 XCLUSIVE - Britney Sets The Record Straight - Part 2 (X17 Online)
Prince William, Kate Middleton Split Up (Simon Perry/

Mommy-Not-So-Dearest Blocks Birkhead Custody
DeLay to Rosie -- We're Gonna "Destroy" You!

Specter: Gonzales to face 'serious questions'
NASA paid USD 26.6 mn to families of Columbia astronauts - Zee News
Phones eat into Apple's lead - The Australian
US toddler burnt in park attack - BBC News
These stamps really will be good forever - Los Angeles Times
What matters is the blood in the sand, not Des Browne - Guardian Unlimited
Clinton's campaign coffers lead the pack - Los Angeles Times
Wolfowitz vows to remain World Bank chief
Royal split sparks media frenzy
Specter: Gonzales to face 'serious questions'
Spokesman: Al-Sadr followers to exit government
Bystanders disrupt standoff with murder suspect
Google deal to sell Clear Channel radio ads-report
The best of digital cameras
China pledges to boost yuan flexibility

Boy Burned by Playground Equipment Doused With Drain Cleaner
Brits Wonder Why Prince William and Kate Middleton Split Up
World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz Vows to Stay in Job
Police: 5 Kids Die in Early Morning Illinois House Fire
La. Teen, 16, Accused of Paying Another Teen $5 to Kill Dad
Hillary Clinton Reports She Has $24 Million to Spend
U.S. Shuts Consulate in Casablanca After Bombings
Strong Earthquake Injures 2 in Japan
Iranian Court Clears Killers as Victims Were Un-Islamic

Police clash with opposition in Russia
Gonzales: 'I have nothing to hide'
45 die in Baghdad bombings
Minorities more likely to get cancer
Pope’s old VW fails to sell on eBay
Report: Prince William, Middleton split
Chess champion held at Moscow march
Climate change rallies held across U.S.
Pope’s old VW fails to sell on eBay

Storm-Soaked East Faces Coastal Flooding
IRS: Online Taxpayers Getting Hijacked
Couples Protect Themselves with 'Postnup'
Conde Nast's Portfolio's Deep Pockets
ABC News: Watch Out, D.C. -- Here Comes TMZ
Will and Kate: Behind the Breakup
Major Storm Heads Toward Northeast
U.S. Helicopters Crash in Iraq; 2 Dead
Future of Imus Charity Ranch Questioned
Pirated Material Destroyed in China
Police: Teen Stabbed Newborn 135 Times
Cheney, Democrats Spar Over Iraq Bill
Study Will Probe Sonar's Effects on Fish
Olmert, Abbas Set to Meet
Police: Teen Stabbed Newborn 135 Times
Cleared Duke Players Could Sue
Earthquake Causes Coral Reefs to Die
Interracial Marriages Surge Across U.S.
Inside the Osprey
Did Sharpton Bring Down Imus? Some Doubt It
AP: Civilian Deaths Drop in Baghdad
eBay Says Pope's Old Car Is for Sale
Ethics Charges Stand Against Duke DA
Injured N.J. Gov. Undergoes More Surgery
Google First ... Date Later
Giuliani Accused of Pandering on Confederate Flag
Tax Scam Uses IRS' Free File Program
Chicago Tops L.A., to Bid for 2016 Games
Moscow Police Beat Anti-Putin Protesters

Key US terror trial set to begin
Pope envoy ends Holocaust row
Wolfowitz 'to stay' at World Bank
US toddler burnt in park attack
Madonna on return trip to Malawi
Clinton, Obama head fund drive

Pakistan minister faces edict over hug
U.S. calls on N. Korea to take action
Wolfowitz says he will stay World Bank head
Chavez backs Iran in nuke dispute, warns U.S.
Gonzales offers apology
Report: Columbia families got $26.6M
U.S. shuts Morocco consulate after bomb
Man who ran ring of brothels sentenced
Baghdad bombings kill 45 in Shiite areas
Wolfowitz's World Bank fate in limbo
U.S. marshals still have big role in law enforcement, even in Iraq
Rivals bank twice as much as McCain
Tellers: Wife accused of killing preacher tried bad checks

Heated space race under way in Asia (AP)
Libya to stage talks on Darfur: official source (Reuters)
Israel ready for talks with Arabs on peace plan: Olmert (AFP)
Wolfowitz says won't resign; bank says concerned (Reuters)
Washington, after 200 years, may get vote in Congress (Reuters)
Cheney, Democrats spar over Iraq bill (AP)
Crisis looms for Iraqi refugees: Amnesty (Reuters)
Democrats, Fox News Channel lock horns (AP)
No takers for Anna Nicole Smith diaries (AP)
Police beat anti-Putin protesters in St. Petersburg (Reuters)
Iran to build 2 nuclear power plants (AP)
Cleric Sadr's bloc to quit Iraq government (Reuters)
U.S. tells North Korea bank funds are available (Reuters)
Iraq violence slaughters 62 (AFP)
Pirated material destroyed in China (AP)
Okla. police, murder suspect in standoff (AP)
NKorea wins time as nuke deadline slips (AFP)
Malawi awaits Madonna's return (AP)
NJ Gov. Corzine in car accident, leg broken (Reuters)
Cleared Duke players could sue (AP)
N.J. governor critical after SUV crash (AP)
Iraqi leaders say bombing will unite them (Reuters)
Morgan Stanley buys 13 hotels for $2.4B (AP)
Pressure grows on Wolfowitz in promotion scandal (Reuters)
Apple delays launch of operating system (AP)
Imus firing should not end race debate: experts (Reuters)
Giuliani has $10.8 million for primary bid (Reuters)
AP: Clinton touts government reform (AP)
US backs World Bank boss but pressure grows (AFP)
Iraqi leaders say bombing will unite them (Reuters)
Google to acquire DoubleClick for $3.1B (AP)
Calif. grandmother blogs from Baghdad (AP)
Fired Fla. transsexual says he won't sue (AP)
N.Korea must immediately invite IAEA inspectors: US (Reuters)
Britain's Prince William breaks up with girlfriend (Reuters)
Wolfowitz fate overshadows finance chiefs' meetings (Reuters)
Future of Imus charity ranch questioned (AP)
Heated space race under way in Asia (AP)

These stamps really will be good forever - Los Angeles Times
To Student Loan Mess? - Wall Street Journal
Microsoft, Adobe Set - Wall Street Journal
IMF, World Bank Say Aid Flows May Fall More In 2007 - World Bank Group
Iowa fund-raiser draws nine Republican hopefuls - Reuters

Google's Mad Dash
Yahoo!, IBM Upgrade Business Search Tool

Google. Clear Channel in radio ad deal
Chicago wins U.S. city bidding rights for 2016 Olympics
Google buys DoubleClick for $3.1 billion in cash


Holding the Pursuit Strings: Wealthy Discover Tap Water, Grunge Music

Breaking news, the newest trend in upscale dining, is to serve your customers water from the same pipes that the unwashed masses get their water from. The trend which is taking place in up scale dining on both coasts is said to be part of a movement to use less resources. Bottled water which is trucked across the country and across the world in plastic bottles can be a waste of resources. Maybe diners should start to ask for the "House Water".

Need a New Watch?

Love It Or Hate It: Paris Hilton’s Watch Line
Paris Hilton Debuts Watch Line At Basel World 2007

Paris Hilton is putting out a new line of watches. The watches that were released at the Switzerland BaselWorld Watch Show, range in price from $85 to $200.

Shabazz calls Malkin political prostitute

This is a good example of Cable news shows and the cable talk format that has developed . Lets walk through this step by step. I want to clearly point out that this clip is in the middle of a longer conversation that I do not have information about.

Malkin starts off by insulting Shabazz and his party with the lines, "your so called party" and "how many members do you have now, 15?".

While I can't speak to the truth of his career being built out of racial hatred or not, the tone in her voice is a tone of attack. This statement implies that he creates racial hatred, as an excuse to exist. Later she makes this point more clear.

Her tone even in calling him "SIR" is far less than polite in the sense that you would expect the word to be used.

Next she asks what could be a legitimate question about a statement that was made by a member of his party. However since he was not the one that made the statement, he isn't the one that should be apologizing.

Shabazz responds with an attack, attacking Malkin and Bill O'Reilly, but does address the question that was asked except in a passing tone. Granted he was not the one that made the statement, but he should have addressed the issue.

Malkin offended by the comment (does she have the right to be?), turns the comment back on him, "there is only one whore on this split screen and that is you". In not choosing to rise above the comment, and focus on the issue, she allows the show to slide further away from real discussion.

Shabazz, continuing on the attack of O'Reilly claims that as a womyn of colour she should be ashamed to work on The Factor. At this point whatever discussion was attempting to be moved forward by either one of them has been lost.

They talk over each other for a while, Shabazz ranting about what a racist O'Reilly is. Then Malkin attempts to bring up the OJ Simpson case as a way of attacking Shabazz. She asks him if he is still supporting OJ? How does this relate to the issue being discussed, what is being discussed?

Shabazz turns her attack around on her, saying there was no apology that was made by O'Reilly when Simpson was released from the charges of the murder. This does relate directly to the point that Malkin attempted to make when it seems she was asking about the Duke Case.

She attempts to bait him into making an anti-semitic comment, as a way of backing out of her comment about Simpson. If it is the point that Sharpton and Shabazz should be apologizing about the statements made about the Duke players, there are plenty of people who should apologize for comments made about Simpson. It could be said that while some believe Simpson is guilty, some no doubt believe that Duke boys are guilty.

She returns to the issue of the Duke players, insisting that they are owed an apology from this man for the actions that have taken place. I think that the whole case was a mess, an insane waste of time, but how Shabazz should make a statement about the case of regret I don't understand.

I think she over speaks when she says that the rape accuser has been debunked and exposed. The case was bad, and the case was not strong enough to continue that charges. While that does point to the innocence of the Duke players, it is not a clear victory. It could still be that this womyn is a victim. Asking if this womyn is still being protected by Shabazz is a strange question, if she is in danger - she should be protected, liar or not.

Shabazz asserts that the womyn is a victim and attempts to shame Malkin for not supporting the victim as a womyn. While Shabazz makes a point about how this will make other womyn afraid to come out about rape, that does not mean that the crime was committed. Shabazz blames the prosecutor in this case.

Malkin claims that this case has done damage to all true rape victims is true as well. If it is widely believed that this case is groundless, then it will be harder for the next victim to be heard. If this case is groundless, it is a crime against rape victims themselves.

The piece ends with Shabazz making an absurd comment about all racial injustice being addressed. Truth is that is not going to happen.

Does Paris need a manny?

Britney Manny Is Paris’ New Bodyguard

Remember the manly nanny that brought the public to start using the word "manny", when he was working for Britney Spears. It appears that he has crossed the tracks, become a body guard and is working for Paris Hilton. This is not the first time that Hilton and Perry Taylor have worked together. Taylor was Hilton's body guard during the first two seasons of 'The Simple Life". It should be pointed out that Taylor had not been hired to be Spear's nanny, but her body guard, Spears is the one that pushed the nanny job on him.

Angelina inherits money from her mother...

Angelina Jolie Inherits Half-Million Dollars From Mother’s Will

Angelina Jolie and her brother James Haven are set to divide the $1.2 million life insurance from their mothers death of cancer. Marcheline Bertrand's, who died in January, left in her will that her children were to share the money. Along with the money left for her children, Bertrand left $180,000 for Jolie's children, Maddox, Shiloh and Zahara.

O'Reilly, Malkin, and Powers on Rosie O speaking out

Madonna goes back to Africa

"Madonna has ignored me for six months" says David's Malawain dad

The father of Madonna's adopted son David Banda is telling the media that the pop-queen has been ignoring him for the last year. Yohane Banda, David's natural father says that not only did he not know that Madonna was planning a trip back to Malawi with his son David. He says that he has heard nothing from the pop-diva since she took David six months ago.

While he says he has no regrets about the choice he made to approve the adoption, he is sad that she has not done more to keep in touch. Telling reporters, "I understand that she is a busy person but if there is an opportunity, I would appreciate it if she could tell me how my son is doing, which has not been the case so far."

There have also been rumors that Madonna is going to be adopting another child on this trip.

Media shocked by royal breakup

Tabloids Go Crazy Over Prince William & Kate Breaking Up

The tabloids in Britain have gone crazy over the news that Prince William and his girlfriend Kate have broken up. According to The Sun, just a couple weeks ago they looked like a loving couple as they skied down Swiss slopes. The lovers that only stopped to be affectionate with each other were widely believed to be close to getting married. The reality it appears was far different as William became more involved in his military service and Kate had to deal with thee constant stress of the media.

TMZ goes to Washington...

Watch Out, D.C. -- Here Comes TMZ

I have been thinking for a while that it would be a good idea for TMZ to take its model to DC. Not only good for the website, that I think can earn good money with video of politicians similar to videos of celebrities. I also think that it will be good for American Democracy, I think that once people begin to see more of their leaders, they will become more involved in government. I could be wrong about this, but I think that one of the reasons that Americans are more concerned about their celebrities than they are their politicians is that there is a level of public access to them that has not existed so far.

the scale of some stuff in the universe

Reporter Gets Attacked With Snowballs...By Kids

Avril Lavigne - I can Do Better - SNL

Britney's Message to the Public

Love Match...

Hillary on Government Reform

Ann Coulter : Stripper Lied ... White Boys Fried

Ann Coulter : Republican Prospects for 2008

Ann Coulter : Plans for Iraq : Democrats vs. Republicans

Keith Olbermann Slams Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter - The Worst Person in the World for July 6th

Ann Coulter: Basic Instinct #1


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