Saturday, July 17, 2010

The NYT wants to fuck up Google...

This reminds me of Atlas Shrugged, how the companies that couldn't compete turned to the government to force the stronger, and better company, into regulations that weakened its ability to compete. Hands off Google.

If Obama wants to do this, Google should move to another country.

in reference to: Hot Air » NYT: Time to regulate Google searches (view on Google Sidewiki)

Has the 2012 primary season just started?

A war of words between the Palin camp and the Romey camp suggest the race to unseat Obama has begun.

in reference to: Hot Air » Romney advisor on Palin: “She’s not a serious human being” (view on Google Sidewiki)

If not being a supporter of the president is racist...

Olbermann, Matthews, Ratigan, Schultz, Carville.. Racists? Dallas Tea Party

I have been avoiding the Mel Gibson story...

Honestly I don't see what the story is. Mel Gibson is nuts, we all knew that. He may or may not be a racist, I don't see why that matters. Does he get angry and shot on the phone, sure. But lots of people do, and I don't think that is newsworthy.

in reference to: New Psycho Mel Gibson Tape Released (view on Google Sidewiki)


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