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Martha Stewarts Inks Book Deal!

Martha Stewarts Inks Book Deal!:

"Martha Stewart is going to be writing more books - a lot more! I
have some of her books and I love them! Hooray!"

This is clearly good news for fans of Martha.

Democracy Now Headlines, Wed. July 25, 2007

Countdown: Worst Person July 25, 2007

Amanda Bynes on The View

More YouTube

YouTube Debate....

Like Animals.... Eat them...

If Bush wanted to keep a secret...

Diane Sawyer Interview With ‘Pregnant’ Nicole Richie | TV Crunch

Diane Sawyer Interview With ‘Pregnant’ Nicole Richie TV Crunch:

"‘Good Morning America’ maven Diane Sawyer has snagged an interview with
‘pregnant’ Nicole Richie. The interview will air in three segments; with the
first airing on August 2nd on ‘Good Morning America’ and the second on August
3rd on ‘GMA.” The final portion will air on the evening of Aug. 3rd on

While I would doubt that they will ask the questions that everyone wants to know, most of which they shouldn't ask. It should be a good show and I hope that some of it will leak onto the internet so that I can see it and share it.

New cast member could replace Jorja Fox on CSI - TV Squad

New cast member could replace Jorja Fox on CSI - TV Squad:

"On the heels of news that Rory Cochrane is returning to one of the other
CSI shows, CSI: Miami, comes this news: Jorja Fox is probably on her way out."

NOOOO not my Sara, I'll never watch the show again (except when I do because I can't stop). Really though I love her, I think she is so beautiful and I would hate to see her leave the show. It goes back to demands she was making for pay I believe. Please don't kill my Sara, this will be worse then when I thought Moulder was dead.

Hayden Panettiere Goes Pin-Up for You Magazine | Allie Is Wired - The Entertainment Blog

Lindsay Lohan's rep said it's not Lindsay's fault she had cocaine in her pocket

Lindsay Lohan's rep said it's not Lindsay's fault she had cocaine in her pocket:

"When the cops arrived, there were so many people in the parking lot that they
automatically zeroed in on Lindsay. Apparently the altercation toook place at
about 1:30 in the a.m.
Lindsay was strong-armed into taking a breathalyzer
test. They say the cocaine was not Lindsay’s, she was wearing someone else’s
pants. "

Many more "details" about what happened that night and how she is innocent if you click the link. It sounds like it could have happened that way. It also sounds like a story that was cooked up to cover the truth. Why would she be wearing someone else's pants, and why would she be friends with someone who had cocaine if she is so innocent.

celebrity nation: Lindsay gets packed

celebrity nation: Lindsay gets packed:

"Lindsay Lohan's assistants were photographed filling up her Cadillac Escalade
with boxes and bags. Lohan's location since her arrest early Tuesday has not
been revealed, the the amount of stuff being packed looks like more than a
week's worth."

Is Lindsay moving back to New York to be closer to her family?

Julia Stiles @ ‘Bourne Ultimatum’ Premiere | Julia Stiles : Just Jared

Pepsi Commercial - Britney Spears featuring Bob Dole

Watching Britney breakdown the way she has been makes you think back to the sweeter times. Remember when she was hot, when she was a star. I was actually talking to my sister about this ad a couple days ago. Those were the good days, before the KFed.

Celebrity News!: Paris Hilton Is Going Green (It's About Time!) - into GOSSIP.

Celebrity News!: Paris Hilton Is Going Green (It's About Time!) - into GOSSIP.:

"Paris Hilton is planning to swap her gas-guzzling Range Rover SUV for a Ford
hybrid, after the car manufacturers gave her an eco-friendly vehicle as a gift.

Paris said at music magazine BPM's green party at Los Angeles' Avalon
nightclub: 'I'm getting a car from Ford, a hybrid one.

'They gave me
one. So, I think driving hybrid cars is the new way to go, and recycling.'"

Dear Ford, if you see fit to send me a new hybrid truck I too will begin driving a hybrid vehicle. Not only that I will tell all my friends and my readers about what a great truck it is and they will want to buy one too. Think about it.

America's Got Talent: E9 - Boy Britney

Almost looks better than Britney too...

Get That Bottle Away From Her! | Dlisted

Get That Bottle Away From Her! Dlisted:

"A baby expert told The National Enquirer, “Liquids containing sugar- including
milk, formula and fruit juice- if left in a baby’s mouth, can acidify and become
corrosive to the teeth. If the baby lies in bed or sucks on a bottle for long
periods of time, both the upper and lower teeth can be subject to decay.'"

I don't think Katie wants or cares about the opinions of the type of people who would sell themselves to the National Enquirer. This is clearly a hit piece, and it based on nothing, I can't imagine what a pain it is to have someone you don't even know attempt to give you parenting advice through the tabloids.

TechPresTV Pilot: The 1st YouTube Debate

Lindsay Eyewitness

celebrity nation: Julia to receive film honors

celebrity nation: Julia to receive film honors:

"Julia Roberts will receive the 22nd annual American Cinematheque award this
fall. The non-profit organization unanimously chose the Pretty Woman to receive
the award, which has previously been granted to Nicole Kidman, George Clooney,
Steven Spielberg, Tom Cruise and Martin Scorsese. 'Julia Roberts is a true movie
star who has delighted audiences and critics in so many pictures,' a rep for the
cinema-arts group said. The award will be presented on October 12 in Beverly

Julia Dear, while I haven't always been a big fan of your movies, Hollywood needs you now. Please Julia, don't you see that condition Hollywood is in, what it needs and what we need is an actress with grace and style. You see that Lohan is going down in a storm of denials and charges, and Hilton is rubbing uglies with a dirt bag. We miss you smile, we miss your charm, we miss that you were sober and you didn't expose your baby maker to the whole world like Britney Spears. Won't you come back.

Ohhh, congrats on the honor by the way. WHERE IN THE WORLD IS LINDSAY LOHAN? A CELEBTV.COM EXCLUSIVE

" has learned the answer to the question media outlets around
the world have been trying to answer since Tuesday morning. Lohan, arrested for
a second time in as many months for DUI, has been holed up in the safety of a
female friend’s private home located within the city limits of Beverly Hills,
California, according to a source who is close to the troubled actress. Lohan
has been the subject of much speculation in the hours following her release from
custody with some media reports placing her in rehab while her own mother
maintains her daughter is not in such a treatment facility."

I just hope that she is going to be getting help for her problems and that she is in a place where she is safe right now. Safe most of all from herself and her habits.

Did Paris Hilton Hook Up With Cisco Adler's Saggy Balls

Did Paris Hilton Hook Up With Cisco Adler's Saggy Balls:

"Paris Hilton reportedly hooked up with saggy-balled Cisco Adler last night
at Guy’s in Hollywood. The two cootie-lovers made out for a while, and then
Paris gave Cisco a ballsy lap dance."

Every time I start to think that Hilton isn't the slut that people make her out to be she does something like this to show she is. Could she have found a bigger dirt bag in all of Hollywood to rubb against. I wouldn't be surprised to see her lap dancing with the t-shirt king, Tyler Atkins, again next week.

Jessica Alba and Some Dude Broke Up

Jessica Alba and Some Dude Broke Up:

"Within hours, Alba had dispatched an assistant to the L.A. home they shared to
pack up Warren’s belongings and move him out.
The breakup “happened…almost
out of nowhere,” the source says. “[Cash] thinks it’s for another guy but
doesn’t know….he’s totally devastated. But it was all her.” (Alba’s rep declined
to comment.)"

Jessica is single, I should make sure I look better when I leave the house from now on, just in case I run into her and she wants to get some coffee. Oh wait I don't live in LA.

OK! Magazine wimped out

OK! Magazine wimped out:

"Despite an assertion this week from the editor in chief of OK! Magazine
that they would run the “career-ending” photos of Britney Spears, the magazine
hit newsstands today without the photos and without the interview they conducted
with her last week. Odd, huh?"

You know I would like to point out at the junction that while the rest of the blogs were still in a fit about the picture and the interview that would be in OK magazine, I had informed my readers that it wasn't going to be. This sounds like a giant publicity stunt on the part of OK magazine, believing if they got enough people to think that there was a scandal in the story they would read it. It is a whole lot easier to lie and attempt to create a scandal than to actually find one. How about her relationship with her mother, and her kids, and Kevin.... even Alli.

Jay Leno on Lohan arrest

Lawyer's Frantic Move to Save Lindsay -

Lawyer's Frantic Move to Save Lindsay -

"Sources say last Sunday, just before midnight, mega-lawyer Blair Berk got an
ominous signal. The signal came from the SCRAM device that Lindsay agreed to
wear on her ankle. The device tests for alcohol use and sounds an alarm to a
designated person when alcohol is detected. We've learned that Berk was the

As soon as Berk learned there was a problem, she frantically
tried to locate Lindsay. But time ran out before Berk could stop the runaway
train wreck. Less than two hours after the SCRAM device signaled, Lindsay was in

Looks like the SCRAM device worked after all.

Dinah Lohan Speaks Out, Lindsay Emails Access Hollywood

A Socialite's Life: Dinah Lohan Speaks Out, Lindsay Emails Access Hollywood

"When Billy(from Access Hollywood) e-mailed Lohan asking if everything was OK and if there was anything she wanted him to get out there for her, she responded, 'Yes. I am innocent... did not do drugs they're not mine. I was almost hit by my assistant Tarin's mom. I appreciate everyone giving me my privacy.'"

Lindsay dear, how can you claim that the drugs are not yours, they were found in your pocket. Was the alcohol they found in your blood not yours either. Even if the drugs weren't yours, then you are not innoncent, why would you have drugs on you at all. This isn't something that comes from wanting to see you fail, but you have to be honest with us - and yourself.

Good luck Lindsay.

Democracy Now Headlines, Tues. July 24, 2007

A Socialite's Life

A Socialite's Life: Maggie Gyllenhaal Kicks Kate Off Her Agent Provocateur Horse

"It was announced at the beginning of July that Kate Moss was not renewed as the
uber hot lingere line's model. Keeping the replacement they had lined up quite
for weeks, the company finally let the secret out. Maggie Gyllenhaal will fill
in the corsets left by Kate. The co-owner for the firm admitted that 'she's
quite different. She's not sexy in an overt way.' Her first online appearance
for the line will be September 1st."

If you think that Maggie is as beautiful as I do, then Sept. 1 will be a red letter date for you. She is different than Kate Moss, who is also beautiful, so I am glad that the company is embracing a broader idea of what beauty is.

Britney's Cousin Joins Team Federline

A Socialite's Life: Britney's Cousin Joins Team Federline

"After Alli stopped working for Britney, she and Lynne reached out to Kevin and
gave detailed information about her ongoing erratic behavior. A longtime Britney
pal says, 'Alli gave specific instances where Brit couldn't handle having the
kids. Kevin was angry at Britney for putting his kids in jeopardy and
immediately phoned his lawyer to investigate the claims further. He couldn't
believe she had gotten so out of control.' "

From the behavior I have seen of Britney lately, I think the kids might be better of with Kevin. I know that is crazy to say, and it is sad to think that children are better off without their mother. What Britney needs to do right now, is focus on getting herself well and to a healthy place.

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