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Democratic Party candidates are converging on the capital of Nevada, as the state now has the earliest Primary, in January. In in a city that has a population of 57,000 the coming to town of big names like Hillary Clinton, Bill Richardson, John Edwards and Joe Biden has made quite a stir. One person who was not present for the events in the city was Barack Obama, he is still surrounded by the buzz of a comment made by a Hollywood producer David Geffen, with some calling for him to make an apology. The Hollywood money appears to moving away from the Clinton camp and into the Obama camp, there is a great deal of money to be gained and lost from Hollywood insiders. Not wanting to Democrats to steal the spot light completely, John McCain is calling President Bush's actions surround the war into Iraq into question. While supporting the increase of troops, he called the initial drive to war, "a train wreck".

Major health food chain Whole Foods, has purchased the competing chain of health food stores, Wild Oats. The transaction resulted in the rise in share prices of Whole Foods on the New York Stock Exchange. The sale comes as both companies are facing increased competition from Safeway and Wal-Mart as these stores have moved to provide healthy alternatives to their customers.

Britney Spears has returned to rehab for the third time in a week. This comes as an emergency hearing had been called by her ex-husband Kevin Federline over custody of their two children. Spears returned to the center in Malibu, late Wednesday after a visit to a lawyer and a failed attempt to visit Federline. This comes after a week where things seem to have been falling apart for Spears. Like last time, I hope that she will hold on to this rehab and make a way forward for herself. A poll being run at TMZ asking who should get the kids Spears or Federline show a strong favor for Federline, this is a reversal from not to long ago when the numbers were strongly in favor of Spears. X17 Online is publishing photos of Spears expressing anger towards photographers outside Federline's apartment by hitting their cars with an umbrella.

Industry giant Disney is building two new cruise liners in order to double cruise-line business. The two ships are due to sail in 2011 and 2012, and each will have 1,2500 rooms and be two decks taller than the current ships.

A Wisconsin man is being charged after busting into a neighbors apartment to save a womyn from an on-going rape that he heard. The "rape" as it turned out was porn that the resident of the neighboring unit was listening to. The charged man, Van Iveren, charged into the neighbors apartment with a sword and demanded proof that there was not a womyn in the apartment. He is being charged with criminal trespassing and disorderly conduct which could result in a maximum sentence of 33 months.

While defending her relationship and her feelings for Villi Fualaa, in a statement to ABC's God Morning America, she wold have done things differently if she had known the legal results that would unfold. She said that nothing would have been worth being separated from her children the way she was.

From ABC News:
"Had I known that all of, that things were going to lay themselves out like they did legally, I sure would have run really fast away from him," she told "Good Morning America" anchor Chris Cuomo in an exclusive interview.

Lindsay Lohan is out of rehab, but does not mean she has put her party lifestyle behind her. Cameras for TMZ caught her leaving the new Hollywood hot spot Winston's and later at The Mondrian Hotel. Just because she is out, does not mean she is drinking. Having finished rehab, I hope this is a point where she can turn her life around, and I hope we won't be seeing pictures of her shaved head in the news.

The ruling has been handed down in the Anna Nicole Smith trial, saying that she should be buried in the Bahamas with her son. The judge signed the order after making a tearful statement to the court saying he wanted her to be with her son. The trial itself was a circus, with the attorney for Howard K. Stern at one point telling the judge she objected to everything under the sun. Also in the ruling is the decision to make Richard Milstein the guardian of Simpson's estate. TMZ is reporting that Larry Birkhead and Stern have come together after the hearing was over supporting the burial in the Bahamas. Legal critics are calling into question the ruling of the court room by the judge. Sources tell MSNBC that he allowed the discussion to stray to far from the question the court was asking, and even added his own narrative to the proceedings .

The case of the Jessica Lunsford case is still in the stages of selecting jury members. They are presently picking out perspective jurors for the first round. The first round has to deal with how much the person knows about the case, and if they are able to serve the requirements that will be asked of them as jurors. This is going to be a sequestered jury, which adds a special burden to those who are being asked to serve.

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