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It is my goal to move away from depending on videos to fill my site with content, and move more towards what I think of actual content, or news. My goal right now, is to post a wrap up of the days news, everyday.

The scandal about the fired prosecutors seems to be taking the same route as the previous scandals. That is questions are raised, The White House first dodges, then blocks attempts to get to the truth. Hiding behind the same powers that Nixon attempted to use to protect him, saying that not only should the questions not be asked, they will not be answered.

In the fired prosecutor scandal, an aide has now said through a lawyer, that they would not testify, based on the fifth amendment. Why is it that simple questions, can not be worked out between the branches of government?

I do not know if anything was done wrong here, but I believe congress has the right, and the responsibility to find out. The balance of powers is intended to prevent one branch from gaining too much power. President Bush doesn't understand that, and he doesn't understand why we don't trust him.

This isn't a new thing, with the democratic congress either. Remember the same blocking was done with the 9-11 commission. Even earlier than that, the same arguments were used to defend Cheney and his energy policy. This administration really doesn't seem to understand how our system of government works to protect liberty.

Again, I am not claiming that anything was done wrong, except what seems to that once again we see key players in the Bush administration going into cover-up mode. Note that Libby was convicted of cover-up. It could be that there is nothing to hide here, but they hide because they hate the idea of their actions being questioned.

The issue of the UK sailors being held by Iran could lead to come scary ends. I do not know what Iran stands to gain in this evil game, unless they feel they are standing up to the west. Forces inside the UK government and the US government, are eager to take action against Iran. This could be an easy way to get both countries to accept that action. I am not claiming that this incident was staged, it doesn't have to be for it to be used as a political tool. I am watching this closely.

People are talking about John Edwards and his run for office, while his wife has cancer. Katie Couric, took them both to task for what she clearly thought was a bad choice. I don't ask why he is running while he wife has cancer, I wonder why he is running while he has no chance to win. I think it is clearly at this point a race between Clinton and Obama. Speaking of Clinton, while Obama did well in Hollywood and got people talking about Obamamania; Clinton has doubled the amount he got at a fund raiser of her own.

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