Thursday, April 30, 2009

This sounds like a great idea....

Little Green Footballs - PETA Wants to Set Up a Stinky Hog Farm at the Capitol

Washington is the capital of PORK!

WOW! That is bad.

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This is why I don't like Olbermann

ABC Debunked Matthew Shepard Murder as No Hate Crime, MSNBC Savages Republican for Repeating |

I talked to people who knew Matthew Sheppard, they said he was a punk and a trouble maker. Does that make his death less sad no, is that why he was killed - I don't know I wouldn't presume to be able to say.

The Pizza box of the future.

Hey there Jewel!

Jewel’s Happy To See Us! | Buzz Foto | Paparazzi As An Art Form!

Ahhhh my girlfriend

Leelee Sobieski at Le Pain Quotidien | Buzz Foto | Paparazzi As An Art Form!


Paris Hilton at Kitson | Buzz Foto | Paparazzi As An Art Form!

That is a BIG bag.

Fox is on top.

Fox Remains #2 Cabler With Top 11 News Programs |

We won't get fooled again!!!!

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Really DEATH

Toronto Star Columnist 'Wishes' Conservative Michelle Malkin Were Shot |

I admit I like Michelle. However I don't think wishing death on someone because you don't like them or their views is appropriate.

The Ruskies are starting to play ball

Report: Russia detains 29 suspected pirates -

This is an international problem. Even if the US could solve it alone, we are not in the days of the Barbary pirates, the best solution is a combined solution. Ideally something would be done to help to people of Somalia, they are the inner city of the globe at this point.

I'm not a prude, ok yes I am.

Today Show Feature: 'There's No Such Thing as Virginity' |

No virginity? The idea not having sex is worse than having sex? What are the lessons they are trying to teach young womyn. I am not the biggest supporter of wait until marriage, but at least a girl should be taught to wait until it means something, and is special. Sex isn't a game.

Ohhh That Rush

Hot Air » Blog Archive » Limbaugh to Specter: Do me a favor and take the McCains with you

Really it could be a good thing for the party for all of the above mentioned people to leave. Ultimately the Democratic party is weakened by people who join for less than ideological reasons and the Republican Party is strengthen when people who didn't share core values exit. (Same works backwards).

Colour me confused and concerned

Florida’s New Jesus Vanity Plates Allow People To Abbreviately Swear With Jesus In Background

This movie looks SCARY!


Looking for bikini pics of Ali Lohan... Is it too soon?

This Can't Be Legal

Probably not illegal, but is it in good taste?

Paris is NYPD | Buzz Foto | Paparazzi As An Art Form!

Paris is NYPD | Buzz Foto | Paparazzi As An Art Form!

Hasn't anyone heard of PHOTOSHOP?

Just photoshop the damn plane into an image of the Statue of Liberty

Free Hugs Prank: $2 Deluxe Hugs


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