Thursday, January 29, 2009

Google Gobbled Up 90 Percent Of All U.S. Search Growth In 2008

Seems like the only thing Google can't find is a strong competitor in the search market.
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Google ended the year with 63.5 percent market share of all search queries performed in the U.S., estimates comScore. And that market share has inched up steadily from 58.5 percent in January, 2008. But the market share numbers mask the absolute growth in searches and how Google has ben able to Gobble up all of that growth.

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Ashlee Simpson Defends Jessica Simpson’s Weight

Hey, what's the big deal about Jessica's weight, in those ugly clothes, it simply doesn't matter if you ask me.

The internet went crazy yesterday after photos surfaced of Jessica Simpson looking like she had put on some pounds.   The singer performed at a concert put on by Radio 99.9 Kiss in conjunction with an annual chili cook-off in Pembroke Pines, Florida on Sunday.

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Video: Er, what if Mexico collapses?

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January 28, 2009: The Day in 100 Seconds

NewsBusted 1/27/09 Also Annoyed by Transcript-free

How is this transparent?
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A Web site called  is running a graphic at the top of its main page which reads, "Waiting on the official release of the 1/22/2009 Press Briefing transcript for" followed by a ticker counting up from January 22. You can also track them on Twiter @whpresscorps.

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Starbucks: The decision to brew decaf on-demand in the afternoons is being misrepresented

This seems smart to me, I think people need to calm down about their coffee.

For many of our stores, the demand for decaf is greatly reduced in the afternoon and therefore yields high waste with the current standard. In recognition of this, stores no longer need to continually brew decaf coffee after 12 p.m. and can now apply the same standard that exists for Morning Pick.

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Bill O'Reilly Doesn't Report Rumors


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