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Buzz Foto LLC - Paparazzi Is An Art Form!

Hayden Panettiere: The Countdown Clock -

Hayden Panettiere: The Countdown Clock -

Wondering if those bad thoughts you are having about Hayden are illegal thoughts still, check the count down clock that TMZ has so generously provided. Hot Celebrity Gossip Hot Celebrity Gossip:

"Fiona Apple has flawless skin. Gorgeous! She rocks. She was photographed
on her way to her tour bus in Charlotte, North Carolina yesterday. "

Yeah, I love Fiona....

Amy Winehouse Treated for Exhaustion -

Amy Winehouse Treated for Exhaustion -

"Winehouse's rep confirms to TMZ that the tatted up singer was taken to a London
hospital and treated for 'exhaustion.' The rep says Winehouse has since been
discharged and is currently at home. She has been ordered to take 'complete

Do any of the stars or their reps really think that people believe this "exhaustion" bit any more. Amy Winehouse, exhausted? More like she got drunk, passed out and puked all over herself. Rumors are that she is headed from the hospital straight into rehab. I hear Promises is a good place for people like you Amy.

On an honest note, she has been almost as much of a wreck as Britney, it could be said she is the Britney of the UK. I hope she can get some help, even if that means going to rehab. She can write a song about it when she gets out.

Kadax: It's On! | INF Daily

Kadax: It's On! INF Daily:

"Okay, so we know it's probably not the name that will finally stick, but Kadax
are definitely Hollywood's new hot couple. As our exclusive pictures show, Kate
Hudson and Dax Shepard couldn't keep their hands off each other at during a
weekend break at Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell's Canadian holiday home."

I don't give this one any longer than the others. I know how I sound, like I am some war hardened gossip columnist. "Let me tell you son, you want to believe in their relationships, but you can't and you know why - because they don't" Honestly though, we will have to watch and see, it does stand a better chance than the fling she had with Owen. I think it is a bad place to meet lovers, in a movie - and also Pioneer Square Park in Portland isn't the best place to meet lovers either.

The Tonight Show: Jay Leno Surprises Zac Efron

I’m Not Obsessed - Celebrity Gossip » Madonna’s Adoption Is Going Just Fine

I’m Not Obsessed - Celebrity Gossip » Madonna’s Adoption Is Going Just Fine:

"Despite yesterday’s reports that Madonna was facing complications during
David’s adoption process, her rep is saying otherwise. Everything is going
according to plan."

This doesn't seem serious. The problem appears to be on their end of the transaction, not Madonna's. t wouldn't really be fair to punish Madonna. I don't think they are going to take the child away, not just because Madonna is rich, but because she appears to be a good mother

Celebrity News & Gossip Video "The Connection"

On Weather and Traffic: Kat McPhee

A New Movie - Based on an old game....

Ashley Tisdale: I Wish I Had More Curves |

Ashley Tisdale: I Wish I Had More Curves

"With High School Musical 2 coming out on August 17 and the upcoming relaunch of
her album, Ashley Tisdale is a busy gal. But managed to catch up
with the singer at her 22nd birthday party at the Beachbody house hosted by
Silver Spoon in Malibu on July 31, where Tisdale told Us how she keeps her body
so toned and why she stays out of the Hollywood club scene. "

Staying out of the Hollywood scene is a good way to stay healthy, look at what it is doing to Britney. it is also a good way not to wreck your career as it is just getting started. I am not a fan of blondes, but she has a pretty smile, a little work and she could be the next Lindsay Lohan - in terms of being the new "IT" girl.

Hot Law&Order girl

This girl is soooo hot. She is in Law and Order - SVU. She is so hot that I don't know what is going on half the time she is in a scene. All I can think, is damn she's hot. Forget Fred, she should run for president.

MTV VMA Noms Announced

MTV VMA Noms Announced:

"Melody makers and singing sensations alike are set to take over Sin City when the '2007 MTV Video Music Awards' airs on Sunday, September 9 and just this morning the nominations were announced with BEYONCE and JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE tying with the most nods at seven each -- including Video of the Year. "

Sounds like it is going to be a good show.

Miley Cyrus Takes 'Hannah' on Tour

Miley Cyrus Takes 'Hannah' on Tour:

"'Hannah Montana' star MILEY CYRUS heads out cross country this fall with a
'Best of Both Worlds Tour,' it is reported by the Associated Press. The title
comes from the fact that Miley will be performing songs from Meet Miley Cyrus,
her debut solo CD, and songs made famous as Hannah. "

Time to get all her fans together and see if there is a show in your area, I know most of her fans have school coming up - you don't want to miss the first day of your college classes.

Rumer Willis (or Scout Willis) is a Half-Nude Dunce - The Hollywood Gossip

Rumer Willis (or Scout Willis) is a Half-Nude Dunce - The Hollywood Gossip:

"Several people commenting on Just Jared, which first brought us these
Rumer pics, claim that it’s not Rumer, but rather her younger sister, Scout Willis.
We will give theme this: It doesn’t much look like Rumer. But with Scout Willis being like 12, and Rumer signed to work on the movie, we’re gonna go and say it’s her."

Ok what the hell is going on in this picture. This is the second craziest picture I have seen all day. What was the first you ask, good question. It was her father flirting with a lady 1/3 his age - maybe even a quarter.

Gwen Stefani is Still Breast-feeding – Evil Beet Gossip

Gwen Stefani is Still Breast-feeding – Evil Beet Gossip:

"In a recent interview, the singer/designer admitted that she still breastfeeds
her son, Kingston, who was born in May 2006. “I don’t know when I’m going to
stop breast-feeding,” she says. “I’ll just keep going while I can - like, he’s
getting his teeth, so it is a little bit scary. He’s bitten me a few times.”

I wasn't breast fed, and I am not a womyn, and I haven't had any kids, so I don't know much about this. It does seem there is an age that you need to put them on some solid food, and stop breast feeding. On the other hand, if Britney had breast fed little Sean Preston for longer, then she might not have also had Jayden.

Why is Gwen talking about breast feeding?

Explaining Mena’s Haircut – Evil Beet Gossip

Explaining Mena’s Haircut – Evil Beet Gossip:

"Miss Suvari didn’t pull a Britney; in fact, the new look is for her role
in the film adaptation of Hemingway’s The Garden of Eden, where she’s playing
Catherine, the new wife of writer David."

It turns out that her new hair cut is for a movie role and not because she thought it would look sexy. It does however look sexy on her, it makes me wish I could rubb her head. Then again, it would be hard to do something to her hair that would not make her look sexy. Even if it was an ugly hair cut, it wouldn't be after she got it.

This is Not What the Invitations to My Birthday Party Looked Like – Evil Beet Gossip

Kirsten Dunst Gets No Love | POPSUGAR - Celebrity Gossip & News.

J Lo Is Ready To Be A Cantante, Too | POPSUGAR - Celebrity Gossip & News.

Lindsay Lohan Pregnant? | Pop Crunch

Lindsay Lohan Pregnant? Pop Crunch:

"Two time rehab loser Lindsay Lohan may be pregnant, friends of the ‘I Know Who
Killed Me’ actress tell OK! Lindsay has been romantically linked to British
badboy Calum Best as well as a married rehabber at the Promises Treatment Center
in Malibu where LiLo underwent her second bout of detox. The pregnancy scare is
the second for the twenty-one year old former Disney child star who enlisted the
help of pal in sneaking a home pregnancy test into a Miami hospital in January

This claim is no doubt complete bull, which won't stop it from flying around the internet. I hope for the sake of the unborn child, for Lindsay and for the peace of society as a whole that she is not with child. I will inform you if I am able to discover any truth to this rumor, until then I am going to assume that it is false.

Justin Timberlake Jessica Biel Move In Together | Pop Crunch

Justin Timberlake Jessica Biel Move In Together Pop Crunch:

"After presenting his former ‘Seventh Heaven’ starring GF with an elaborate
promise ring, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are reportedly living

It would be good to see Justin find someone special in his life. I never really thought that Cameron was right for him. On a side note, remember he used to date Britney. Isn't it a contrast to how his career has remained strong, and hers has been sinking ever since. Justin and Jessica really make a cute couple, I bet they would have cute kids too.

Cisco Adler Predicts Nicole Richie Will Be a Good Mom - Cisco Adler :

Cisco Adler Predicts Nicole Richie Will Be a Good Mom - Cisco Adler :

"Cisco Adler, the lead singer of the band Whitestarr (and Mischa Barton's ex),
stars in a new VH1 reality series The Rock Life. The musician, who regularly
hangs out with the young Hollywood crowd, talked to PEOPLE about expectant mom
Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton's jail stay and his philosophy on life at Monday's
premiere party at the Rockit Bar and Grill in Chicago. "

When did Cisco become someone whose opinions we care about. He claims that Nicole is going to be a good mother, so his judgement might not be that good.

Jessica Alba Cosmpolitan Magazine September 2007 | Pop Crunch

I’m Not Obsessed - Celebrity Gossip » Guess Who?

Britney learns how to drive...

Britney Spears - TMZ

Scarlett Johansson: The Struggling Actress Version - Defamer

Scarlett Johansson: The Struggling Actress Version - Defamer

I would say, yes. Not in that dress though, the dress is great for accentuating her trademarks. If she didn't have them, a dress that had a different focus would look better on her. She still has a beautiful face.

Why Couldn't He Just Screw A Stewardess In The Plane's Bathroom Like That Classy Ralph Fiennes?: Ed Harris Pitches A Hissy Fit At Heathrow - Defamer

Why Couldn't He Just Screw A Stewardess In The Plane's Bathroom Like That Classy Ralph Fiennes?: Ed Harris Pitches A Hissy Fit At Heathrow - Defamer:

"Like Snoop Dogg before him, actor Ed Harris is the latest American
celebrity to cause a ruckus at London's Heathrow Airport. While officials should
have rightly waived the actor through the sounding metal detectors on the
strength of his transcendent supporting work in The Hours alone, the actor's
mini-tantrum and the ensuing discovery of a knife in his pocket instead resulted
in Harris being taken into police custody and missing his flight to L.A. The

What do you mean I can't take a knife on the plane? Do you know who I am, I am Ed Harris, did you see my role in The Hours? Oh yeah, I guess that really isn't a strong point in my defense, he was a bit crazy.

A History Of Threatened Violence: Hints Of A Disturbing Pattern Beginning To Emerge In Phil Spector's Dealings With Women - Defamer

A History Of Threatened Violence: Hints Of A Disturbing Pattern Beginning To Emerge In Phil Spector's Dealings With Women - Defamer:

"We're having trouble remembering the punchline to that old joke that goes: 'How
many women must a crackpot music producer threaten with a loaded firearm before
jurors finally discount his highly unlikely story that a failed actress was so
depressed, she followed him home to his mansion one night to kill herself?'
(We're pretty sure that in every iteration, however, the answer was five or

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, just because my client threatened other womyn, ok many other womyn with a gun, doesn't mean he killed the victim. Right and it didn't mean OJ killed his ex-wife, just because his blood was found right next to her body. These people are lucky that Gil Grissom isn't on the case, he would lock them all away.

» Jason Davis Gets In A Kooky Fender Bender! - Celebrity Pictures, Celebrity News, Celebrity Gossip on

» Jason Davis Gets In A Kooky Fender Bender! - Celebrity Pictures, Celebrity News, Celebrity Gossip on

"Jason Davis aka “Gummi Bear,” and brother to Brandon Davis, (who dated actress
Misha Barton), got into a little fender bender with a kooky lady on Rodeo
Drive., yesterday. The Beverly Hills P.D. showed up and took a report. Kooky in
the sense that the lady was wearing what looked like a Mardi Gras face mask!"

Did he go to the Lindsay Lohan school of driving?

celebrity nation: JLo wins lawsuit against her ex

celebrity nation: JLo wins lawsuit against her ex:

"Jennifer Lopez is nearly $545,000 richer thanks to a lawsuit against her
first husband, Ojani Noa. Lopez filed suit against Noa, claiming his plans to
write a tell-all book were in violation of a previous lawsuit settlement
preventing him from revealing private information about their relationship. A
court-ordered arbitrator decided on the damages in April, which include $200,000
plus legal fees, and also awarded a permanent injunction against Noa barring him
from 'criticizing, denigrating, casting in a negative light or otherwise
disparaging or causing disparagement' to Lopez."

That's one way to keep your critics silent, marry them and force them into a non-disclosure agreement, and then divorce them. This is good news for Jennifer, she has a good image in the media right now, but she didn't always have the clean life. Her first husband no doubt has some great tales that he could tell about the hot diva, well I guess that now he can't tell.

Breaking News: Mischa Barton Ate a Sandwich |

Breaking News: Mischa Barton Ate a Sandwich

There has been so much filth in the blog today, you need something to rest your eyes on. I need something to rest my eyes on. I am not normally a big fan of Mischa but she looks hot here.

More ‘Pool Romp’ Nonsense |

More ‘Pool Romp’ Nonsense :

"“When I started kissing her I did everything in my power, from my previous experience of kissing girls, not to mess it up.
“Britney had more drinks, she was having Jack and more Mojitos in between me feeling her up, her boobs, and kissing her on her neck.
“Her body was very nice. It was sexual and sensual kissing. It took some effort to perfect.
“She is a great kisser… I’d actually say a phenomenal kisser.”"

I know, I know, enough of this story. I just can't get over the fact that this guy sounds like the biggest loser in the world. I tried so hard to be the perfect kisser, oh yeah, she is such a great kisser.

A) She's drunk and she is easy, you are wasting your time kissing her.
B) She better be good, she has more practice than David Beckham has playing soccer - and probably the same score.

Blind Items Are Fun |

Blind Items Are Fun :

"Which troubled, hard-partying Lollapalooza performer cleared out a bathroom
over the weekend in Chicago and then smoked what our spy-in-the-stall swears was
a crack pipe?"

I hope this one doesn't keep you awake all night - if you don't get it, don't go crazy, click the link. Then you will see what crazy looks like.

Jack White is a Dad Again |

Jack White is a Dad Again :

"White Stripes frontman Jack White became a father for the second time after
wife Karen Elson gave birth to a baby boy. Henry Lee White was born on Tuesday.
This is the second child for the couple; daughter Scarlett Teresa is 15
months old. "

Congratulations to Jack and his family. I'll be sure to pass the word along to Renee. Honestly though, I wish the best for them.

Topless in the Pool | Britney Spears

Topless in the Pool Britney Spears:

"“Britney was the first one to undress, and then everyone else followed,”
Encinias tells Us Weekly. “I turned around and saw that she was topless and she
had fake tattoos of flowers on her nipples from the shoot. I was told all she
wanted to do that night was kiss a boy, and that’s what she did. Mission

I'm confused, was this guy really excited about this, there are clubs in Hollywood that are more exclusive than Britney's dating history. For that matter there are probably clubs in Bakersfield that are more exclusive.

Britney really wants someone to love her, but she needs to start to love herself - and learn how to take care of her kids.

Do you think I spend to much time on Britney Spears? I should think about that.... oh wait, I have to go, breaking news. Britney just changed her clothes.

Access Hollywood | Kevin Federline's Attorney Files Papers In Family Court | Celebrity and Hollywood News

Access Hollywood Kevin Federline's Attorney Files Papers In Family Court Celebrity and Hollywood News:

"LOS ANGELES, Calif. (August 8, 2007) – Kevin Federline’s divorce attorney was spotted in a downtown Superior Court room earlier today. Federline’s lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan reportedly filed paperwork at the Superior Court’s Department 88. It is unclear at this time, what the papers the lawyer filed, were for exactly, but they were filed in family court, which indicates they are of a familial matter."

Lets see, Britney is going bat shit all over town, she can't do even one photo shoot correctly, she moves into a rental house for the day and trashes it, takes unauthorised trips to Las Vegas. I wonder what it could be that Kevin filed a motion in court for today. I bet he is going in there to declare that she is their of the year. Well mother of the year, if being a mother means that you give your kids soda in their bottles.

Sadly, this is probably the start of a new conflict between them, he wants the kids at home with him and his new girl friend Lynne (time for another shower).

Anna Nicole Smith Breast Video

Anna Nicole Smith Breast Video

"Superior Court Judge Mitchell L. Beckloff granted the order Friday at the
request of Smith’s former attorney and executor of her will, Howard K. Stern.
The injunction prevents the sale, distribution or dissemination of the
videotape.In court documents, first obtained by, Stern accused
Gerald Wayne Johnson, the Texas doctor who performed the surgery, of sending a
tape showing the procedure to Thomas Riccio, a Los Angeles-based memorabilia
dealer. Stern claims the surgery was taped without the former model’s

I know this is a sad day for all you hard core Anna Nicole fans out there. You dreamed of the day you could watch the way her breasts were made. Secretly hoping that if you knew how the doctor made her breasts, you could tell your doctor how to make some for yourself. Guys and girls alike are surely disappointed by this.

Best Night Ever

A Socialite's Life

A Socialite's Life: Britney's Head On Someone Else's Body

"Spears walked out of a shoot for the perfume's ads before decent shots were
taken. But that hasn't stopped Elizabeth Arden's marketing campaign for the
'She looked amazing, but she left the shoot three times in a state of
distress before driving away for good,' our source said. 'They had decent shots
of her face, but not her body, so the art director made the stylist - a cute
girl name Kylie Cavaco - get in Britney's clothes and pose.
'They are superimposing Britney's head on Kylie's body. Kylie has the body Brit used to
have, not the one she has now.'"

Ok, seriously does this womyn need medicine or something. Can she not do a proper photo shoot? Of course it probably turned out better to use someone else's body than Brit's. How much longer can this train wreck go on before it stutters to a complete and dead halt. It isn't that I want her to fail, but every new day, is a new scandal for her.

Prince Harry Looks Good On Radar | Allie Is Wired - The Entertainment Blog

Zac Efron Covers ‘Rolling Stone’

Trade Roundup: Zellweger To Be Sassy, Tough In Western - Defamer

Trade Roundup: Zellweger To Be Sassy, Tough In Western - Defamer:

"Renee Zellweger will star with Viggo Mortensen and Ed Harris in the western
Appaloosa, which we hope will provide ample opportunity for a spunky,
bonnet-rocking Zellweger to fire a shotgun and exclaim, 'You git outta my town,
ya hear?' in the direction of the movie's 'renegade rancher' antagonist. We love
it when she does period gritty."

I love Renee and this sounds like it is going to be a great movie.

Buzz Foto LLC - Paparazzi Is An Art Form!

Buzz Foto LLC - Paparazzi Is An Art Form!: "JULIE MCCULLOGH at Joseph’s in Hollywood last night"

I don't know much about who this is, but she is cute...

Chris Rock Ain’t the

Chris Rock Ain’t the

"Though we prefer to keep our private life out of the media, we feel that it is
necessary to respond to the many grossly inaccurate media reports that were sold
to the tabloids by Kali Bowyer who falsely claimed that Chris Rock fathered her
13 year-old son. After multiple lies, including that Chris refused to establish
paternity and after finding out that Ms. Bowyer has an extensive criminal
record, we personally asked the court to help us establish paternity so that we
could put this harassment to rest."

I didn't run with this story when it broke, because I never thought that it seemed true. Chris Rock is one of the few actors in Hollywood that seems decent. I didn't believe it when it broke, and it is good to find out that it isn't true.

Lindsay Lohan ELLE Magazine Video

【CM】 中央酪農会議 牛乳に相談だ。 「ショッピング篇」

Kelly Osbourne Has Morals

A Socialite's Life: Kelly Osbourne Has Morals

"It turns out that it was the Stewart/Osbourne camp -- and not E!, as originally
reported -- who canned the show. Producers wanted the glamor girls to spend time
with 'real people' doing 'real jobs' -- like garbage men and hot dog vendors --
and make fun of them. Not bloody f**king cool!
A source tells TMZ that after she saw the first show, Kelly decided not to sign on, as it was 'demeaning to other people and juvenile.'"

and I thought that I loved Kelly before. This a bold move for her, which totally rocks. She is taking other steps in her career and she doesn't need the show anyway. She is beautiful, and while she doesn't get as much attention as other ladies, that works for her. It allows her to get more work done, and express her real talents.

A Socialite's Life

A Socialite's Life: Britney Accuses Mom of Getting with K-Fed

"'Britney doesn't know up from down right now. She's so confused and angry,
she told Lynne that she was so backstabbing, that she was probably sleeping with
Kevin just to hurt her feelings. Lynne, on the other hand, is deeply hurt that
her own daughter would so viciously accuse her of doing something so

Just the thought of that makes me want to take a shower, though I wouldn't put it past anyone in that family to do something like that. I don't really know Jamie-Lynn very well, but I wouldn't even put it past her to take a shot at his older sisters sloppy seconds. Ok, this is gross.


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